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Default Re: Chains of Dragons

“So pop,” Kage Ikagaide started. “What’s with the sudden royal treatment?”

Kage, and his father Serge, were currently sitting inside one of the best taverns in Zean. The tavern had the best wine, food, and entertainment in the entire Direwood Forest range, but also had the highest expenses. So it was indeed a rarity that Kage had ever been inside.

“Well, I decided this place would be the best place.” Serge replied.

“For what?”

Serge picked up the briefcase that he had brought with him and laid it on the table. Unlocking the front, he spun it so that Kage could see what was inside. Kage sat dumbfounded at what he saw.

In the briefcase, encased within soft velvet lining, sat two objects, both of them very similar. The two similar objects, looked like gauntlets. Gauntlets that could cover all the way up to his elbow, but also had a section for his hand to go through. The gloves for these gauntlets had metal bars that had to cross over one’s palm, and the looked like they were connected to the gauntlets in some fashion. Both of them were black in color, the same color as the Shadow Element, Kage’s very own Innate.

“Go ahead, try them on.” Serge encouraged.

Kage went and grabbed one of the gauntlets and checked to see which arm it was designed to fit on. He found out it was his left arm and slipped in on, then adjusted the straps to they were tight. Then there seemed to be a strange shadow that spread from the gauntlets and vibrated and moved around his arm. After a tense moment the shadow was absorbed into his very arm and Kage could feel the energy inside his body getting stronger.

“Dad, what just happened?”

“Looks like the Claws have accepted you as their new owner.” Serge said with his fatherly smile.


“Clench your fist around the bar, you’ll notice that there’s a switch.”

Kage looked and saw the switch.

“Just don’t point it at me, point your knuckles straight up.”

Kage did that and clenched his fist around the switch. To his surprise a single blade of black metal sprang out and out from the gauntlet. There were two other blades, but these were formed when the main blade broke through the hand section of the gauntlets. The blade had a notch in it that ran down half of the length, and the blade itself was as long as his forearm. Two markings, parallel to the notch and each other ran down the blade as well and then stopped and turned to join a single marking stretching past where the blade was exposed and into the hand parts of the gauntlets.

“Ikagaide!” shouted the female manager of the tavern. “You know the rules, NO WEAPONS!”

“Release the switch son,” Serge said.

Kage did and to his surprise the blade sprung back into the gauntlet and it looked like it wasn’t even there. He gave his father a surprised/curious look.

Serge lowered his voice to a whisper. “These gauntlets are the Black Dragon Claws and have been in our family for over a dozen generations. They will only accept members of this family as the rightful owners and cannot be used by anyone else. The shadow that you saw around your arm? That was the claws searching your heart and seeing if it was true or not, that way they could accept you as their latest owner. They also confirm to the strengths and weaknesses of the one who uses them.” Kage had slipped the other gauntlet on and the same shadow appeared around his arm.

“But why give them to me now?” Kage asked.

“I have discussed it with your mother, and we both agreed it was time you should carry on the family legacy. The Claws are only half of it.” Serge reached inside his shirt and withdrew a fairly large jewelry box. He placed it on the table, halfway between himself and Kage.

Kage reached out and slid the box closer to him and then opened it. He had to force himself from letting out a gasp.

Inside the box, in the same lining that the gauntlets came in, sat a pendant. Oval, it was about three inches across its longest point. There was a dark stone orb in the center, it made up the largest part of it. The outside ring was decorated with lines that started from where the orb was and ended at the edge. This pattern went across the outside ring forming over a dozen triangles. The ones with their bases at the edge of the pendant were black, and the others white. Inside the black orb, which seemed to flow with dark clouds, a metal dragon was perched inside the very center. It was white and stuck out form the rest of the amulet for some reason. The dragon had a long neck that curled so the top of the head was facing the front. It had no arms or legs, from what could be seen, and stretched into a long and serpentine body. A pair of wings was up and were slightly folded around the body, so only the head could be seen. The head had one Ruby eye. A dark red that gave a slight glow through the darkness of the pendant itself.

“What…” Kage stammered, looking for words. “What is this?”

“The pendant in your hands has been in the family for many generations, too many, my father used to say.” Serge started. “It has incredible power. I haven’t seen this power myself but I’m sure you can feel it.”

Kage reached out and took the pendant in his hand, and felt it’s surface.

“Kage what I say now, is very important.” Kage looked at his father. “That pendant must be protected at all costs, because there are some out there who…” Serge never got to finish his statement because a large explosion blasted over Direwood forest. So loud that it caught everyone’s attention.

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