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Default Re: Chains of Dragons

At Vared’s home, the sound wave rocked the entire house. Vared jumped to her feet as did the rest of her family.

“What the hell?” her father exclaimed. There came a loud knock at the door.

Rache, a friend of the family had run inside the home. “Is everyone all right in here?”

“Yes we’re fine Rache, but what’s going on?” Maria replied, getting her footing back.

“There was a large explosion above the forest, and now dozens of soldiers are entering town.” he replied.

“What?!” Abram exclaimed. “It can’t be this soon. Vared come with me.”

Vared followed her grandfather into the living room, he almost leapt the entire distance. He rummaged through the gifts he had brought for his family and finally came across the one he was looking for. Abram brought it to Vared and opened it.

Inside a bright orange lining, sat a red crystal. On the very top of the crystal, sat the head of a golden dragon, small tuffs of metal giving it a feline approach and horns on the top of the head. The head itself was elongated and the snout was blunt. Two claws were on the sides, clutching the crystal. A pair of wings wrapped even more around the crystal, just under the hands. Finally a long tail wrapped around the tip of the crystal. A single Garnet eye glowed with the same brightness of the crystal.

“Vared, now listen to me.” Abram said holding his granddaughter’s shoulders. It is very important that you protect that amulet with your life. There are evil forces out there, very evil ones who want the power for themselves, and they will do anything to achieve them. Promise me you will protect it. Promise me!”

“I do. I will protect it with my life.” Vared clutched the pendant close to her heart, and could feel a warm surge of energy flow to her body from the amulet itself. She meant every word about protecting it.

Her mother and father looked at Vared and then at each other. They nodded and her father went downstairs as her mother turned Vared to face her. “Vared,” she stared. “We love you very much, and with you receiving the pendant, we also believe that you must have a weapon, strong enough to protect it.”

Her father came up the stairs from the basement, holding a familiar looking box. Vared recognized it as the one that held her family’s spear.

“Vared, you are now the bearer of the pendant, now you are also the owner of our family’s heirloom, the Dragon Spear.” Her father opened the box and Vared saw the spear in all it’s beauty. “Now we only have to see if the spear will accept you as its owner.”

Vared reached out with her hand and could feel a burning heat coming from the spear. Then her eyes started playing tricks on her, she saw flames engulfing the spear and the flames turned into biting monsters, waiting to engulf her hand in one bite. She hesitated, staring at the monstrous flames before her. Vared bit her lip, expecting to be bitten, she reached for the spear, determined to prove her worth as its owner. Her hand gripped onto the handle and held it tight. To her surprise the flames were blasted apart as she gripped the Dragon Spear and could feel warm energy flowing through her body. It felt warm, like fire, her very Innate.

She picked the spear from the box and saw that it had more beauty than she remembered. It was light, not at all heavy, and there was also a fiery aura that surrounded it and moved up her arm. The aura surrounded her and then she watched it as it was absorbed into her body.

“Good,” Abram stated. “The Spear has accepted your courage as a quality for being its owner.”

There came shouts from outside, getting closer to the house.

“Now Vared, hide the pendant. They shouldn’t bother you, most likely it is me they are searching for, if anything should happen, run. Run and don’t stop.” her grandfather told her.

Vared zipped up her vest and tucked the pendant underneath it, just as soldiers bashed in the door.

“We are looking for a man named Abram.” one ordered. “We have been told that he resides here currently.”

Abram stared at the soldiers. “I am Abram, now what is it you want?”

“You are Abram?” the soldier looked confused.

“Yes, I am Abram. The Seventh Warrior of the Draconian Warriors.” Vared’s grandfather replied.

“Abram, you are believed to have stolen an artifact from the possession of our Lord, Garm. You are to come with us if you cannot or will not return it.”

Abram eyes filled with anger, something no one has ever seen and lived to tell. “That artifact you speak of has been in the possession of my family for countless years. This person Garm has no bearing on it, for it was never his to begin with.”

The soldiers drew their swords. “If you do not comply with our orders, then we shall be forced to kill you.”

Abram glared at them. “Take me on if you wish, but if you value your lives I would suggest against it.” Faster than anyone could have imagined, Abram slid forward, his fist connecting with the lower jaw of the leader of the three men. The man buckled back, all thoughts of consciousness gone. “Vared, GO!”

Vared didn’t hesitate, all of her training had told her when grandpa says something, do it. She dashed out the backdoor as her parents and grandfather fought with the soldiers who had invaded their home. Running out into the street, she saw soldiers swarming over the place like an infestation. Fires burned as they attacked everything and everyone that stood in their way.

“The girl! Stop that girl with the spear!” one of the soldiers from inside shouted.

Vared spun around and saw soldiers surrounding her. I’m in trouble...

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