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Default Re: Chains of Dragons

Seylin Hatsuki was laying on his stomach, hiding his face with his arms. This was how he acted whenever his father had boarders over. He tilted his head a bit to see the picture on his dresser.

Staring at the picture, he couldn’t help but look at the woman. Oh, mom….

But his thoughts were interrupted.

An explosion, which may have been right on top of Kikata, rocked the entire house. Disoriented and off balance, Seylin flailed his arms around trying to grasp something to hang onto. Unfortunately, the shaking of the house and his sudden panic only ended in him falling off the bed and slamming his chin onto the floor of his room. The picture on his dresser vibrated and was moved off and slammed down, the glass shattering. Then, the shocks stopped as soon as they came.

“What the hell….” he said, rubbing his lower jaw. “Ow, just happened?”

“Seylin! Seylin you okay?!” he heard his father say as he ran up the stairs. He threw the door to his son’s room open.

“Yes, I’m fine father,” Seylin replied. “But what was that?”

“I don’t know, but it was almost on top of Kikata.” They both looked at the ceiling, expecting another barrage. Nothing came.

Finally his father broke the tense waiting. “Downstairs.” he said and Seylin got up and they both headed down the stairs to their shelter. The basement was a place where even Seylin wasn’t supposed to visit, not without his father’s expressed permission. There was something down there that his father didn’t want him to know about, so Seylin started wondering why downstairs of all places?

They reached the basement floor, and Seylin stared at what he saw.

An alter, a strange alter where a mean looking dragon-like statue had a small box in it’s hands and something in it’s mouth. His father went forward and bowed to the statue before gently lifting the box from the dragon’s clawed hands. Seylin watched as his father opened the box and showed Seylin a magnificent item.

A deep blue stone was connected to a long silver chain. Inside the stone there was a dragon, caught forever with its wings spread and free. The stone was almost shunned down because of the magnificence of the dragon, as if it were unworthy to hold it. The entire chain was pure silver and showed not a single sign of rust or age on it. A single Chalcedony stone set as the eyes stood out from the body. Seylin stared at it for several minutes before he caught himself and looked at his father, astonishment and confusion on his face.

“Seylin,” his father held the chain as if he was going to place it over Seylin’s neck. “This amulet has been in the family for countless generations, and is our greatest treasure. I had hoped that there would be a day when you did not need to inherit this, but from the sounds of earlier, that might not happen. Protect it Seylin. For me, for you, and for your mother’s spirit.”

Seylin almost stepped back. It was rare when anyone spoke of his mother, especially his own father!

“Oh, I almost forgot.” His father turned back and reached for the object in the dragon’s mouth. It was long, almost two meters, and wrapped in cloth. Carefully Seylin’s dad took the object out and then, just as carefully, unwrapped it. “This is to be yours as well.”

Seylin was speechless for a second time. The object wasn’t ordinary, instead it was a 6 foot long naginata with a one foot blade. Two feathers stuck out from under the hilt, they were an icy blue and moved with every slight vibration in the air. The blade was crisp and clean, and very sharp as well. The six-foot handle was sturdy and looked as if it had never been used once.

Almost on instinct, Seylin reached for the handle, and then came the chill. An icy wind from nowhere seemed to blast every part of his skin, causing his fingers to even burn under the extreme cold. His hand got closer, he couldn’t stop now, he had to grasp it. Through the burning chill Seylin grabbed the handle and the freezing winds ceased. He could feel his body be warmed as an icy blue aura poured from the naginata and into his own body.

“Good, the Dragon Naginata has accepted you as its new owner. And it appears that the amulet has too.” he father commented. It was true, in the darkened room Seylin could see both the weapon and pendant glow with the same aura. “That Naginata has never rusted or dulled. Now this should save me time in sharpening yours…What?”

There a crash and the sound of the explosion of earlier. Seylin and his father bolted upstairs as fast as their legs could carry them. Opening the front door they saw one of their neighbor’s homes reduced to nothing but rubble. Seylin gripped the amulet close to his chest as he saw men clad in black and gold armor approach their house next.

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