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Default Re: Chains of Dragons

Horus sat with his legs crossed, determined to find the truth hidden by his vision. Even the most experienced Psychics had difficulty in deciphering visions and warnings, and he had an unyielding will. He sat and thought, thought and sat, and even hours after dinner had been finished Horus was still stumped.

His parents must have felt his frustration, for his mother called him downstairs. Finally glad to have some distraction to leave his mind clear, Horus made his way downstairs. He found both of his parents sitting at the dinner table, unusual serious looks on their faces.

“What is wrong? I’m fine, I’m okay. Sometimes when I strain too hard and things strike me like a wall, and I pass out. It’s happened before, you know it.”

“We know son,” his mother commented, squeezing the hand of her husband. “That is why you must listen to us.”

“Horus,” his father started. “What did you see in your vision that causes you to wish us not to help you?”

Horus stepped back. His father had a point, but he had to argue. “It was just like all the others I’ve had when I strained myself. Larger and bigger versions of the Lesser Dragons as well as the laughter. It’s all happened before, but..”

“But not as strong as this one.” his father finished. “Horus, we believe it is time for you to take on the burden that our family has carried on for countless generations.” His mother and father stood up, hand in hand, and lead Horus down into the recesses of their home.

His father pressed an idol and a wall pivoted open, revealing a hallway. Big enough for anyone to enter. They started down a corridor, and down several flights of stairs. Horus looked at the walls. Ancient inscriptions covered each side of the wall like graffiti. It was too dark for him to accurately tell what the hieroglyphs depicted as he kept pace with his parents. Finally the flights of stairs had stopped and Horus whacked his head against a banner across the hall. Rubbing his head, Horus looked at the sight before him.

A room, only lit by four purple candles, not very big, but held on the other side of the wall a class case that held a double bladed sword. By the case stood a marble pillar, and inside the pillar was a wooden box. The flames on each candles burned with black flames. The walls were granite stone blocks, wooden beams holding up a dirt ceiling, the whole place smelt of mildew and dampness.

“Horus,” his mother finally stated after a long silence. “Take hold of this sword, the Twin Dragon Blade. If it causes you to go insane, then you are unworthy of being its owner and your mind will be reduced to ashes. If you are unaffected, then it has accepted you.”

Horus cautiously stepped forward. As he neared the case, the glass door swung open and almost invited him to take the sword. He stared at it in more detail. There were two blades that sprouted from the hilt, each branching off before stopping and becoming parallel. In the middle of the hilt was a single eye, the Elemental Sign for all Psychic Innates, representing the third eye that all creatures posses. The source for most true psychic powers, Horus had his symbol on his upper left arm. The handle was golden colored and the entire weapon seemed to irradiate a purple aura.

Slowly and carefully, Horus reached for the handle and gripped it. Instantly his mind was rushed with feelings, emotions, thoughts, images. They swirled around him, causing an intense wind that threatened to knock him over. He leaned against it, always keeping his hand around the handle, never letting go. Finally the images blasted away, away from his mind and sight, and the wind died as well. Horus dropped to his knees, mentally exhausted and breathing hard.

“Your mind has not been plunged into chaos,” his father stated. “This means the Twin Blade has accepted you. Now you must also be able to accept another part of our burden.”

His father went to the pillar and brought out the box from within it. Carefully he presented it to Horus and opened it. Horus was shocked.

Inside a medallion, there was an amethyst stone inside of it. Inside of the stone itself was a dragon. Not flying or with its neck craned, the dragon was sitting, two Amethyst stones set for eyes and they gave off the same type of glow as the flames for the candles. A silver chain was connected so that the entire thing could be worn around the neck. He wrapped his fingers around the chain and lifted it so he could see it in more detail. It was beautiful in his estimation, the true image of Psychics.

“This pendant is now yours.” his mother said. “We have guarded it for many years, and now it is yours to protect.”

“Horus, you must protect this with your life. It must not fall into evil hands.”

Horus slipped the chain around his neck and let the pendant rest on his chest. “I will, or else I’ll be a discredit to Psychics everywhere.” he threw both of his parents a smile.

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