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Arrow Re: VPP Breeder Stats

Current VPP:

Caterpie & Weedle
Hatch @3,686-Done!!!
Metapod & Kakuna @3,694-Done!!!
Butterfree & Beedrill @3,706-Done!!!
Mastered @4,066

Completed VPP:


Hatch: 99-Done!!!
Prinplup: 132-Done!!!
Empoleon: 192-Done!!!
Done(lv100): 384-Done!!!

Level 100:985-Done!!!

Level 100:1286-Done!!!

Hatch: 1301-Done!!!
Hitmontop: 1406-Done!!!
Done: 1586-Done!!!

Hatch: 1616-Done!!!
Weaville: 1721-Done!!!
Done: 1901-Done!!!

Hatches: 2181-Done!!!
Evolves: 2268-Done!!!
Mastered: 2466-Done!!!

Hatch: 2481-Done!!!
Dusclops: 2577-Done!!!
Done: 2766-Done!!!

Hatches at 2781-Done!!!
Evolves at 2838-Done!!!
Finished at 3066-Done!!!

Hatches @3,081-Done!!!
Haunter @3,141-Done!!!
Gengar @3,186-Done!!!
Mastered @3,366-Done!!!

Hatch: 3381-Done!!!
Electrode: 3456-Done!!!
Done: 3666-Done!!!


Hatch: 405-Done!!!
Slowbro: 528-Done!!!
Slowking: 540-Done!!!
Done: 785-Done!!!

Legendaries(need four)

Level 100:2166-Done!!!

Master(need eight)

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