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Default [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

Thankies all for joining :3 I know we're still waiting for some people to complete their SU's but we can start anyway xD

Here we go! :DDD


All I wanted to do was get past... stupid idiots... they deserved what they got...

A tall, pale skinned girl was walking slowly along a dirt track at the edge of a small village. She didn't yet know the name of the place that she was heading to, but the only thing on her thoughts now was helping her Pokemon.

"Kyosan, hurry up..."

Her features were now visible in the dying sunlight. Her face was somewhat beautiful, yet there was a scowl hidden somewhere about her features. Her hair was thick, black and glossy, falling to her waist, and she brushed thick sections from her eyes with one slender hand. Her eyes were dark, deep and liquid, shining in the twilight. She was wearing a simple black tight t-shirt and boot-cut black jeans. On her feet were a pair of high ankle length boots. Over her shoulder was a navy bag, containing several nessecities. (sp?)

Skulking behind her was a black, fox like Pokemon. His legs were strangely long as his body rippled with strength, yet his face was sulky and his eyes were narrowed.

I'm sure that move was illegal...

"Oh, just shut up," Nyumai answered, yawning. Kyosan stalked past her.

If Kori hadn't interrupted, that battle would have been won much quicker...

"Kori needs the experience," The girl answered, glaring at the back of her Umbreon's head. Kyosan looked around, snarling.

That Luxio is replacing me!

"I treat my Pokemon equally," Nyumai scowled darkly. "I only keep you out with me because you refuse to get into your Ball!"

Kyosan opened his jaws but Nyumai held up her hand.

"If you don't believe I treat you equally, you can get inside your Ball. Yeah?"

Kyosan didn't answer; instead, he strode ahead, his tail swishing angrily. Nyumai laughed slightly and followed him.

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