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Default Re: [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

OOC: Yay! We started! Italics mean telepathic, kay? Me: RoyalBlue - Yang: Silver - Yin: DimGrey - Gallade: YellowGreen - Magic: DarkOrange

Fain walked through the city center, looking around, and trying to keep his mind closed from everyone else

"How, how can you stand this Yang"

"I can because I've trained myself to. And anyway, you've been telepathic for ages now."

Fain frowned, and looked at Yang

"Yes, but before I couldn't pick up people's, and from such a damn distance!"

"You know, you should take Yoga..."

Fain looked at Gallade, who'd just come out, and laughed.

"Let's to find someone to battle!"

"How about him with the Scyther?"


Fain walked over to Marcus, and smiled

"Want a battle?"


Join this RP! Seriously, it's so worth it! Ragnarök [SU]
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