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Default Re: [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

Tippi! Byo! I need a little help! Pike exclaimed franticly. A Delcatty sighed and rolled over, she looked at Pike with irritation. The Pachirisu tried to copy Tippi's expression.

What? Tippi yawned. She stood and stretched. Byo mimicked Tippi's actions.

Lorielle's crying and I can't get her to stop.

What?! What happened?! Tippi dashed away, Pike and Byo right behind.

The three Pokemon reached their sobing trainer. Tippi and Byo both tried to get Lorielle to stop her tears.

Lorielle, honey. You've gotta stop. Tippi soothed. Please stop. OK? Everything's fine.

Yeah your boyfriend will- Byo let out a small squeak of surprise as Pike pounced on it.

You don't need to add that, alright? Pike hissed. Byo nodded and climbed up onto Lorielle's shoulder.

She won't stop. Pike sighed.

She's gonna flood the whole park if we don't get her to stop soon. Tippi added.

Lorielle heard her Pokemon talking. She tried to stop, she really did, but her tears wouldn't run out. Lorielle forced herself to look up, it lessened the tears a little bit. Pike nudged his head beneath Lorielle's arm.

You alright?

"No," Lorielle answered flatly, "I'm not alright. How can I be?"

Don't say that. Lori. Tippi said. All of us here went through this. Except Byo.

"Yeah, but you two weren't engaged!!!"

So what does that matter? Pike said. We both had to leave someone we loved. But we didn't cry 24/7.

"I don't."

You're pretty close.

"OK, so I cry. But I miss him so much..."

We know you do. Byo whispered. Let's battle! Let's do something! Find a trainer and let's-

Byo! Tippi roared. Sending the small Pokemon cowering behind Lorielle.

"Alright," Lorielle said, getting up, "Let's go see if we can get something to eat first."
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