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Default Re: Special Manaphy Giveaway at Toys "R" Us!

Is it considered hacking if your DS had no contact with a cheating device, but a pokemon you got in a trade did? In other words, am I allowed to have a traded hacked pokemon and still get the event Pokemon?

Originally Posted by Jirachicatcher View Post
When I called an Asked my toysrus they didn't know what I was talking about.
Either A. You do not lve in the US or B. the guy who answered was a newbie worker.

Originally Posted by ORDinaryDreamer View Post
OoOo! I'm soooo going to this!! Even though I'm going on a camp thindy I'm waking up at seven and dragging my familia to the nearest Toys R Us wit or without breakfast!! This would be my first event!!
It's from noon to three...
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