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Default Re: [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

[OoC/; Mewchirio and DragonSpawn, try to lengthen your posts a little, because at the moment (accroding to the Pe2k rules) they count as spam. =D


Nyumai looked up to see a girl of around her own age, with auburn hair falling in a plait down her back and surrounded by her Pokemon. Kyosan froze as his eyes fell on a Delcatty.

"Lorielle..?" Nyumai asked, surprised. Kyosan slunk behind Nyumai, his eyes on the Delcatty Pokemon.

Did you say Lorielle?! Asked a high voice; Nyumai jumped in surprise as a flash of light erupted at her belt. A slender, light purple fox Pokemon landed neatly on the floor, twitching her ears in anticipation.

Pike! She yelled joyfully, racing forward and tackling the Jolteon playfully. Kyosan rolled his eyes moodily. Nyumai smirked.

"Are you okay..?"

She looks like you did the other night when you thinking about precious Shinky-sa-

Nyumai glared at her Umbeon forcefully. Kyosan glowered back.

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