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Default Re: FireRed and LeafGreen Move Tutor Moves

let me explain some things:

-Umbreon cannot learn Substitute. you have to teach Sub to Eevee first then evolve it. Substitute is a TM in R/B and Umbreon is G/S and can't go back to R/B to be taught Substitute. But you can teach R/B Eevee Sub and go to G/S and evolve it to Umbreon.
-Same goes with Onix/Steelix and Explosion TM.

-Torchic can learn Flamethrower, it evovles to Combusken and Blaziken but they don't learn it themself. But because you evolved it from Torchic, the evovled forms will be able to use it. However, if you catch a Combusken, Combusken will not be able to learn Flamethrower because you did not have Torchic first.
-It's like catching Scizor and not being able to use moves from Scyther because you didn't catch/evolve Scyther first to be able to use those moves.
-Simple example: you catch Butterfree. it learns all of Butterfree's moves but nothing from Caterpie or Metapod (no Tackle, no Harden, no String Shot).

-the URPG is a role-play of sorts. there won't be limits to how many moves a Pokemon can learn. it's part of the game. there are ways around them and that's part of the challenge too.

-as far as Move Tutor, it won't be used. will it ever? who knows. but not at the moment.

Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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