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Default Re: [RP] Naishougoto - Scrolls of Time

OOC: Sensei, sorry I didn't post until now, didn't know it started. D=

Also, could I add just one more Pokerman to Natsuki's team? I think two Pokermen that are good and one baby Pokerman wont do much, get me? *sweatdrops*

Also, Natsuki's name is pronounced Na-Su-Ki. Na comes from vegetables, or green, while Tsuki comes from moon.


"...Why...? ...Why did you have to go...? ...Kaze-"

"Yo! Natsuki! Wake up! You wanna lose or something?! Up and at'em! Go! Go! GO!"

A girl, seeming to be around her fifteens, yelled out to Natsuki, who blinked twice the instant she heard her name. When she looked infront of her, a Sandslash was heading straight for a Drapion that was infront of her, ready to Slash at it. She simply clapped three times, and right before the Sandslash connected, the Drapion opened it's mouth and let out a Hyper Beam (HOLYCRAPHAIPARBIM! O_O), which hit the Sandslash dead center.

"Yeah! That's the way, TsuTsu!"

The Sandslash flew backwards towards it's trainer, landing flat on it's back, knocked out. The girl jumped up and cheered, clapping as she ran towards Natsuki. She simply smiled at her Drapion and returned it back to its Pokeball. When the girl made it to Natsuki, she put her hands on her hips and changed her excited look to a more angry face.

"Hey! If it wasn't for me, the great and awesome Michiko, you and Kaze would have lost that one! You need to stop day-dreaming, baby! You're even doing it in class!"

Natsuki blinked twice and scratched the back of her head, glancing up at the sky for a few seconds before looking back down at Michiko, who sighed before smiling.

"Hey, you need to talk for once... or else no one's gonna hear that pretty voice o' you-ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO ME?!"

Natsuki was sitting on her knees, patting a small Azurill and offering it food. The Azurill joyfully put it on it's mouth and ate it. Michiko sighed once again and smacked Natsuki lightly on the back of the head.

"You and Azu... oh forget it, let's just go home, eh?"

Natsuki stood up and rubbed the back of her head before nodding. Azu quickly jumped on Natsuki's shoulder and wrapped it's tail around her neck, smiling.

"Azu! Azurill!"

Natsuki smiled and rubbed Azu's head lightly before glancing at Michiko, who was already walking towards a nearby cafe. She blinked twice before running over to her, Azu laughing as she did. Michiko started to laugh, and it wasn't long before Natsuki started to laugh a bit. But behind that laugh, was a feeling of wanting to cry.


OOC: Michiko is the girl next to Natsuki on her pic. I might just make her a just-for-the-beginning-charry, but I might make her a second charry. So, yeah.
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