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Default Re: Arrow Battle

Originally Posted by Monkey Boy View Post
A remake of Arrow Battle exept difremt rules and arrows

This has the same point as the Arrow War And mostly same rules

You Each Start out with 50 HP

Shop List:
Normal Arrow = 1 damage - 3 Posts
Bomb arow= Pick 3 Pepole to loose 10 HP but you lose 5 HP - 8 Posts
Super Bomb Arrow = Pick 4 Pepole to Loose 12 HP but you loose 10 HP - 20 Posts
Gaurd Arrow = Gaurds you for 2 days - 15 Posts
Super Gaurd Arrow = Protects you for 5 days - 25 Posts
Ultra Gaurd Arrow = Gaurds you for A week - 35 Posts
Sheild Breaker = Breaks Gaurd Arrows and does 2 Damage - 20 Posts
Super Sheild Breaker = Breaks 2 Pepoles Gaurd Arrow and does 4 Damage - 30 Posts
Ultra Sheild Breaker = Breaks 3 Pepoles Sheild and does 9 Damage - 50 Posts
Sudice Arrow = Destroy 2 Pepole and you are destroyed too - 180 Posts
Arrow Taker Arrow = Takes 1 Arrow from 1 player - 5 Posts
Super Arrow taker Arrow = takes 2 Arrow from 2 players - 15 Posts
Ultra Arrow Taker = Takes 3 Arrows from 3 Players -30 Posts
Master Arrow Taker = Takes 4 Arrow from All Players and evreyone gets hurt by 2 -50 posts
Arrow Breaker Arrow = Breaks your Arrows and Turns into 4 Damage for 2 pepole - 20 posts
Arrow Breaker Arrow 2 = Breaks your Arrows and turns each arrow to 15 Posts - 10 Posts
DEATH ARROW = Throw It At Someone there dead plus does 2 damage to everyone even you - 100 posts
HP Arrow = Evrey Post you Make you restore 4 HP Untill your hit - 15 Posts
HP Arrow 2 = Evrey time Your hit you restotre 4 HP and the atacker loses 2 HP untill Your Hit 5 Times - 50 Posts
HP swamp Arrow = If your Hit you Finish loosing HP ( No you dont die yet) then you and the atacker Switch HP And Items - 70 Posts

News: We Started The Game YAY

Monkey Boy 50 HP ( Justed Started the Game)

Sign Up
Posts Right now:

My Sign Up
Monkey Boy

Q. What Happens If you Die
A. Then Whoever Destroyed you gets all your arrows 5 HP (Unless Sudide Arrow) and you come to life with a Number ( 2 3 4 5) Next to your name also you loose all the posts you made and have to do the sign up sheet again

Q. I have a suguestion
A. PM Me I might say yes

Q. How do you sign up and play?
A. I Told you all once but then its here
Sign Up 1rst
User Name
Posts on that Post

After: What You want to buy, Posts you have now ,Items, what you used And how much HP (50 HP start)

Uh PM me if you dont get something I Will put them on FAQ mabye

I don't think your allowed to copy Sideways' idea, unless with permission.
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