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Default Re: lord voldemort and oroachimaru?

Originally Posted by jayrod 123 View Post
This is weird have you noticed the similarities between Voldemort and Orochimaru? Here are some i found.

They both are ugly.they both like snakes.
They both have snake eyes.
They both have pale skin.
They both can do curse seals.
They both are one the most powerful men in there world
They both are scary looking.
They both hate a little boy.
1. I wouldn't call them ugly but... whatever floats your boat.
2. Snakes are a popular form of malevolence and are often used as mascots for villains.
3. Same as #2. This trait makes them look more evil.
4. Pale is considered more terrifying than a tanned villain. :P
5. I didn't know Voldemort could form cursed seals
6. Orochimaru isn't the most powerful person in the Narutoverse... far from it in fact. The only reason he's so widely known is his vast knowledge of jutsus.
7. Again, most villains are supposed to look scary looking.
8. What little boy does Orochimaru hate? As far as I know... he didn't pay much attention to Naruto, and he didn't hate Sasuke at all.

Sorry if I sounded rude or anything... it's just that most of your reasons go for any typical villain. :P
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