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Default Re: Pokemon University(Working title I guess..)~Sign-Ups!!!~

Name: D'Ontre(D for short) Hudson
Height:4ft. 59in.
Weight:165 lbs.
Discription:African-American, He wears quite a large Afro, a blue headband with a yellow circle in the middle, A blue and black jacket with a blue shirt with one yellow V-shaped stripe in the middle, dark blue baggy jeans. He also has two yellow and blue wristbands on both his arms. He also wears a crystal pokeball with a silver chain around his neck which he plans to use one day.

Personality:He's a nice guy and goofs around alot, but gets serious when he has to, He's good at making friends, but can really get on your nerves sometimes. He gets a little nerveous when he's around girls, that is.... When someones down, he always asks whats wrong and he'll always be there for you. But when he's in a battle, he's a whole nother person.......

Pokemon: Eevee,
Other: Eevee wears a PMD style red scarf around it's neck
Dorm Room:Condo, #34

History and Geography
Life Science
In-Depth History: Sinnoh
Advance Battle Class
Breeder Class

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