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Default Re: Pokemon University(Working title I guess..)~Sign-Ups!!!~

I guess I'll join

Name:Timothy M. Justin (TJ for short)
Wieght:180 lbs
Description:A Tanned skinned fellow a little dark cause of his African American blood and tanned for his Native American and Causcian blood.Wearing a white hoodie with long sleeves and under it is a White T-shirt wearing long black baggy pants.His hair is spiky and down to his neck which his hair color was black and it's kinda spiky like Ash's but not many spikes as Ash's.

Personality:TJ is kind nice and loveable and he shares and sometimes he can be mean.But mostly he's nice but he can be brave maybe braver than a lion people might say and maybe strong as a gorilla.

Dorm Room:Condo,#42

Battle Class
Life Science
Coordinator Class
Black and Yellow<--Clickie!

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