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Default Re: Pokemon University(Working title I guess..)~Sign-Ups!!!~

Name: Caleb Sterns
Weight:160 lbs.

Discription:Caleb wears a black T-shirt with flames around the sides. He has somewhat long arms and wears black wrist bands on both of his wrists. He also wears black saggy pants that are slightly ripped at the bottom. His shoes are a little dirty and has red stripes goin down the sides.

Personality:Caleb is a kind hearted person. He likes to joke around a lot. He is also like a class clown. he can get on your nerves and make you mad, but he only jokes. he can get serious but rarley does. mostly the only time he gets serious is when he battles. he loves to make new friends and hang out. He really likes to talk to girls.

Pokemon: Charmander
Other: Charmander wears a blue beanie
Dorm Room:Condo #13

History and Geography
Life science
Battle class
Breeder Class

[~Paired with No One ;;~]

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