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Default Re: Pokemon University(Working title I guess..)~Sign-Ups!!!~

Name: Akira Frosch
Gender: Male
Age: 13
Height & Weight: 4'11 105 lbs
Discription:(Pics are good aswell): White overalls.
Background: Came from royal family of Sinnoh.
Personality: Outgoing, Funny, Loud yet mysterious. "Really smart but not put into good use" quote from mom. LOL
Pokemon: Piplup(Nickname: Piper)
Other:Piplup wears a white bandana
Dorm Room: VIP Condo Room

Schedule(According to periods):

Advanced Battle Class
History and Geography
Life Science
Sinnoh History
In need of members and moderators
Also holding a tournament in "Events" Section.
My Trade Thread
My RPG, sign up now!
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