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Default Re: Pokemon University(Working title I guess..)~Sign-Ups!!!~

Name: Scharlet
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Height & Weight: 5'4" and 117lbs
Discription:-Pokes avatar-
Background: Scharlet is very dark, she likes dark pokemon, or pokemon that have that evil eyes look. She has always been dark, but always romantic all the same. So never insult her or you might find yourself with her fist in your jaw instead of a tackle from her pokemon.
Personality: Once again she is dark, you could call her evil but she doesn't plan to go to the 'evil' teams like Rocket, Galactic, and Etc. But don't mess with this girl. Yet she can be romantic, charming, and well, overall beatiful.
Pokemon: Scizor - Male
Other: Scizor has that dark glint in his eye just as Scharlet likes it. The two look like the bullies of the area but Scharlet isn't, she keeps to herself, but Scizor likes to fight, and so does Scharlet.
Dorm Room: 39


Advanced Battle
History and Geography
Coordinator Class
Breeder Class
Life Science

"I'm Not A Perfect Girl; My Hair Doesn't Always Stay In Place; I'm Not The Prettyest Girl In School; And My Boyfriend Thinks I'm A Slvt; But When I Think About It And Take A Step Back; I Remember How Amazing And Terrific I Am; And Maybe I Like Being; Imperfect" - Unknown

Scharlet (Evil)..............................Scharlet (Breeder)
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