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Default Re: Pokemon University(Working title I guess..)~Sign-Ups!!!~

Name: Near River
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height & Weight: 190cm 61kg
Discription:(Pics are good aswell)
Background: Near comes from a Orphanage in Goldenrod, Johto. The Orphanage has sent him to a few schools and now he has ended up in the Pokemon University.
Personality: Near loves to eat sugar and sweets, he has many toys in his room and plays with them, as well as his pokemon. He is usually very quiet with strangers but with friends he can be mischievous and playful.
Pokemon: Croconaw (nicknamed Snap.)
Other: Snap has Blue spikes like on a Shiny Croconaw.
Dorm Room: Dorm, number 14
History and Geography
Life Science
Advanced Battle Class
In-Depth History, Johto
Breeder Class

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