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Default Re: VPP Breeder Stats

Name: Sabi
Age: 16
Curent VPP:

Neon the Eevee

Start at 6276-Finished!
Hatch: 6291-Finished!
Jolteon: 6396-Finished!
Level100: 6576


Ashe the Charizard

Start at 1345
Hatch at 1360-Finished!
Charmeleon at 1393-Finished!
Charizard at 1453-Finished!
Level 100 at 1645-Complete!

Tydra the Kingdra

Start at 1646
Hatch at 1661-Finished!
Seadra at 1742-Finished!
Kingdra at 1766-Finished!
Level 100 at 1946-Complete!

Riverspire the Omastar and Tidestone the Kabutops

Start at 1947-Finished!
Hatch at 1967-Finished!
Omastar & Kabutops at 2107-Finished!

Level 100 at 2347-Finished!

Kimber the Sableye

Start at 2347
Hatches at 2362-Finished!
Level 100 at 2647-Finished

Terramagna the Torterra

Start at 2648
Hatch at 2663-Finished!
Grotle at 2702-Finished!
Torterra at 2744-Finished!
Level 100 at 2948-Finished!

Tearess the Flygon

Start at 2949
Hatches at 2964-Finished!
Vibrava at 3054-Finished!
Flygon at 3084-Finished
Level 100 at 3249

Riuda the Tyranitar

Start at 3250
Hatches at 3,265-Finished!
Pupitar at 3,340-Finished!
Tyranitar at 3,415-Finished!
Level 100 at 3,550

Shayis the Giratina

Start: 3551
Hatch: 3566-Finished!
LVL 100: 3816-Finished!

Enkai the Lucario
Hatches at 3832-Finished!
Lucario at 3937-Finished!
LVL 100 at 4117-Finished!

Shayda the Ariados
Hatches: 4133-Finished!
Evolves: 4184-Finished!
Completed: 4418

Kanya the Kangaskhan
VP Master Freebie

Blyte the Glaceon
Hatch: 4434-Finished!
Glaceon: 4539-Finished!
Done: 4719-Finished!

Vio-Nai the Hydriegon
Level 100-5020

Sonja the Swoobat
Hatch: 5036-Finished!
Swoobat: 5141-Finished!
Level 100: 5321-Finished!

Cayci the Galvantula
Hatch: 5337-Finished!
Galvantula: 5430-Finished!
Level100: 5622-Finished!

Gami the Druddigon
Hatch: 5689-Finished!
Lv 100: 5974-Finished!

Obelisk the Rhyperior
Hatch at 5990-Finished!
Rhydon at 6101-Finished!
Rhyperior at 6215-Finished!
Lv 100 at 6275

VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576

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