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Default Re: Pokemon High School~[RP]~

Core Classes:
History and Geography
Life Science
Battle Class
Coordinator Class
In-Depth History: Johto,

"So this is the famous Univerity" thought Amie, looking at the building. It was so impresive. Even more so then in the fancy brochure, and that was hard to beat. "I'm so exited to get this year started, A's hear I come." said the girl, walking through the front door. "So, I have math frist" she whispered, looking at the timetable she was holding. The halls were full of students, some looked happy, others sad. It was hard to navigate around all these people. All of a sudden, the teen realized she was lost, in a river of students. Amie noticed a boy calling back his Charmander. "Hey, do you now how to get to math A-2" shouted the girl, avoiding the massive groups of people and hopping he could help.

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