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Default Re: Pokemon High School~[RP]~

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Near got dressed and opened the door to the High School he is at. "So...This place..It's..Alright." Near mumbled to himself. Near wondered around the place while looking at his schedule. "hmm so i have to get to maths huh...Go Snap!" As near took out his pokeball a Croconaw came out. "Hello Snap, my bud. I'm trying to find the Maths class. Can you see it?" Near picked up the Croconaw that had blue spikes in his hand and put him above his head. "Cro-Croccnaww." Snap pointed at a door, which read 'Maths' on it "Thanks bud." Near returned Snap into his pokeball, in case of a kidnapping.

As Near walked into the class room there were many people, some already studying, some just adjusting in. He would to, be adjusting into the class.