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Default Re: Pokemon High School~[RP]~

After much difficulty finding her way, Amie entered the classroom. Unfortunatly, she was caught being late. "Sorry, I kinda got lost" explained the teen, embarrased. "What kinda lame exapmle was she setting to the teacher?" " Oh ya, the one of a dumb slacker who can't even find her classroom" the girl couldn't get these thoughts out of her head. "That's fine, it's the fist day, after all" answered the teacher, with a warm smile. "Thank goodness she's nice" thought Amie, taking a seat beside the boy who suposedly didn't know how to get to class. She was then given a paper. "What odd questions" thought the student looking at them. She then turned to look at the kid. "Thanks alot" she whispered in a sarcastic tone.

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