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Default Re: Pokemon High School~[RP]~

OOC: Don't know how to start... Meh, I'll just wing it...


"Okay, first up, Pokeology," Mikayla muttered, looking up from the schedule residing in her hands. "Great, where is that at?"

"Pika..." A small yellow Pokemon showed a look of discouragement (sp?) as it climbed up onto her head.

"Should be somewhere on the first hall, right?"


She let out a frustrated sigh. "Man, the first day of school, an' I'm gonna be late!"


"Ah just screw it. If I'm late, I'm late, I guess. Pokeology isn't exactly my strong point anyway..."

OOC: I know it sucked, but I'm behind, on the phone, and in a hurry.
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