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Default Re: Pokemon High School~[RP]~

Near was 3 quarters done on his test, he looked up at the clock, he had a few minutes left. cmon, think, don't want to make yourself look stupid do ya? The girl was at the Scizor now, with fear in her face, the teacher didn't seem to mind. Near shook his head and started looking at his test paper again. The strategy to solve them was clear now. He quickly did some calculations and finished the questions. When he had finished, which he expected to be earlier he wrote his name down on the test paper, he wasn't bothered checking the questions so he stood up and handed the paper to the teacher, he looked at the clock again and asked "Miss, may i go to the toilets? I'm busting." The teacher nodded.

Near walked out of the classroom and thought Great, were the hell is the toilets? He went around the hall and at the end the door had a man sign on it, so he walked in, thankfully no one was there. After he washed his hands he went back to the classroom, the time limit for the test was almost finished, so he just sat the twiddling his thumbs.