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Default Re: Heart of Vengeance

The dirt road stifled the sound of the six legs traveling down it. It stretched from one end of the city to the other. The “main highway” you could say, except for the fact that there were no cars and no pavement. The houses and buildings along either side of it were simply hovering shadows bearing down over the street, as she had nothing but the moon to guide her.

She rounded a corner and headed into a darkened alleyway that seemed to have no end. Had it been at least the twenty-first century, this would have been an extremely unwise decision for an older teenage girl to make. But fearless, she walked determinedly down it as if it were nothing more than a bright meadow of spring flowers.

“Ah, nice to see you could find time in your busy schedule to make it,” came the voice of a young man through the darkness. “Timely as usual, Rila.”

She stopped and waited for him to approach her, as she could only see the tiny bit of area where the moonlight leaked into alley. A few shallow footsteps later and the source of the voice emerged from the shadows. He was very tall and lean, perhaps too lean, but the sweetness of his face would draw your attention away from any other attribute anyhow. He moved a hand up to his forehead to ruffle the shaggy strands of deep black hair out of his eyes; the same gorgeous blue eyes she would lose herself in every time she had the opportunity.

“I’m sorry, but unfortunately committing a crime isn’t at the top of my to-do list,” she teased him with sarcasm.

“This one should be.” The man arched an eyebrow and smirked slightly at her, reflecting an image of the little boy she had grown up with.

The area that André had asked her to meet him in was located between the marina and the fish flaying factory. It was completely barren apart from waste and garbage thrown into it from its lack of use. And occasionally, the pleasant smell of rotting carcasses wafted through a breeze that had somehow managed to find its way between the two large buildings surrounding them.

“Of all the places you could have chosen…” Rila covered her noise in hopes of suppressing the foul smell, but the look on her face showed no relief.

“If I had chosen anywhere else, the chances of us being overheard or discovered would be increased greatly. Now we need to hurry, we haven’t got much time.”

Feeling there was nothing more for her to protest, she nodded and followed him out of the alleyway. It took only a few moments to become within eyesight of the docks. There were two different ports in the town. One for the supply ships and one for the smaller casualty boats. The latter was the one in which they were approaching.

André had been “staking out” the area for the past few weeks taking note of the routines of the boats’ owners. This short hour between 2am and 3 was the only time available when no one was using, maintaining, or around the area whatsoever.

Quietly, they sneaked down to the edge of the water and made their way onto the dock. The hollow wood frame echoed their footsteps as they traveled along it.

“This is the one we are taking,” André told excitedly.

“Old Dane Volker’s? That man’s a wack job, why on earth would we take his?”

“Just as you said, he’s mental. He probably won’t even realize that it’s missing. Now hurry up and climb in; we have to go.”

She stepped down into the sailboat as he untied the rope and threw it inside behind her. He reached shortly into his rucksack and withdrew a tiny red and white orb. It expanded in his hand and he threw it into the air. Simultaneously, a momentary flash of light and a vividly colored butterfly emerged to take its place.

“Beautifly, I need you to create a few Gust attacks to get us going. Send them easy though, don’t want to tear the sail.”

The butterfly gurgled in agreement and André hopped into the boat. He unknotted the rope tied to the mast, and opened the sail to position it to send them to the center of the enormous lake.

“Okay, Beautifly. Get us moving.”

The Bug Pokémon flapped its wings, thrusting the air to do its bidding. The collected swirls of wind were sent soaring at the sail and the boat shot out of the docks swiftly and smoothly with no commotion. Beautifly kept them moving through the water all through the rest of the calm night when there was no wind to guide them. It would be hours before they would reach their destination, even with the help of Beautifly’s Gust.

“So remind me,” spoke Rila “How did you find out about the colony of Clampearl and their location?”

“My father has told me stories about it since I was just a boy. He said that in the exact center of the lake, the very center, the water is completely pure. It is possible to see all the way through to the bottom even though it must be hundreds of feet deep,” André leaned back against the side of the boat, looking up at the morning sky, as if recalling a vivid memory. “This,” he said, pulling out a large and beautifully polished stone from his sack, “is the only one he managed to remove before a storm picked up. He told me it was the strangest feeling. Supposedly, the water in the heart of Iternadi Lake was frigid cold. Freezing temperatures, though still not a solid. That is why he had never gone back to retrieve any more of the pearls; because his body could no longer stand the cold for more than a few seconds.”

“And you think you can?”

“Well, I have a plan.”

They spoke more about the idea of becoming the wealthiest members of the town once they retrieved the pearls from the colony of Clampearl. About how they would provide for their families and then run away together. It all seemed like a dream to them, a fantasy that couldn’t possibly happen. The anticipation for this day had been building for respectively nine years; since André was ten years old and first heard about the Clampearl colony. He had been training since then. He knew there was a way to overcome the temperature of the heart, but it would take time before his plan could come into fruition.

“Okay, Beautifly. That is enough; we are nearly there and the wind can take us the rest of the way. Nicely done. Return”

Tired from Gusting, the Beautifly agreed and was beamed to her Poké Ball once more.

It was beautiful to watch the sun rise over the horizon. The colors streaming over the water like a wet painting. The water stretched beyond eyesight, they could no longer even see the coast from which they came. Everything was either water or sky. The lake, this lake, was undoubtedly the largest body of freshwater in the world, which is why the town prospered so well; the vast amount of Goldeen and Seaking collected from it was a good portion of the world’s supply. Time passed and the air was becoming noticeably cooler as they sailed on. The excitement grew.

“This is it,” spoke André proudly, pointing into the water beneath the boat.

Rila looked over the side and peered down into it. It was if she were looking through a crystal ball into another world, as if the water wasn’t there and she was actually above the sky. There were corals, and Remoraid, and rows upon rows of Clampearl lining the bottom which must have been a hundred feet down. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

“How does a place like this remain so pure?” Rila asked, though more to herself.

“I have no idea. I just know that those Clampearl are thriving here, and I’m not leaving before we retrieve as many pearls as possible. Here, hold on to this.” André handed his rucksack to her as he pulled out two Poké Balls.

The first orb, he threw into the air. A light rocket sound erupted from it and the familiar beam of translucent red light shot into the sky. With a roar, the figure of an enormous crimson dragon materialized in the air above them. Its plane sized wings beat powerfully through the wind, as it hovered easily to maintain its position. The dragon’s rubbery skin reflected the sunlight that shined off of it, making it appear to be glowing. You could almost sense its power.

“Charizard, this is what we have been practicing for.” André pointed to the water. “Summon the strongest Blast Burn you can muster and send it directly into the water.”

Charizard roared, vibrating the powerful sound into the calm morning. The sound waves were strong enough that it actually caused the water to ripple around it. The dragon beat his wings quickly, and closed its reptile eyes. He was building power. The torch at the end of his tail began to grow bigger and the flames seemed to spark with energy. The Charizard slowly opened his eyes which were no longer white with mahogany irises, but glowing red. He opened his huge jaws where a ball of fire that resembled lava appeared. Another roaring sound seemed to come from the mere presence of the dragon emitted from it, and the orb of lava grew. In a furious but angry grin, Charizard rocketed from the sky and aimed his ready attack at the water as he shot towards it. The most powerful fire attack Rila had ever seen spewed from the dragon at that moment. Waves of flame and what seemed like magma barreled from its powerful mouth and rippled down into the water. When the pressure seemed to cease slight, and the attack seemed nearly over, there was another enormous burst of power and the dragon spewed another wave of flames as powerful as the first. If Rila had not known the laws of physics, she would have been positive that this Pokémon was going to set the water on fire. She could see the liquid fire still burning beneath the surface. It oozed down to the coral and into the crevices where the Clampearl were located. All of the Remoraid had disappeared, and the area was completely empty apart from the Clampearl and Charizard’s Blast Burn.

The glowing red of the dragon’s eyes dimmed as the last bit of the fire attack was released from his mouth. He looked as though he was about to faint. Charizard’s attack took every amount of energy out of him.

“Well done, my friend.” André returned his Pokémon to its Poké Ball before he would topple out of the sky, as even maintaining flight seemed difficult now. He tossed the ball to Rila who replaced it lightly in his bag that hung around her shoulder.

The water was steaming in an effort to release the heat. André dipped his hand in it to test the temperature.

“Perfect,” he gloated. “Just like bathwater.” He then sent the second orb into the air, however, this one’s stream of light traveled down towards the water instead of the sky.

In its place formed a more human-like creature, expect for its duck beak and blue skin. This one seemed a little more eager to be out of its Poké Ball. André pulled of his shirt and jumped in after it. Rila and Golduck needed to shield their face from the splash. When he reemerged, he simply said, “Are you ready, Golduck?” The Pokémon nodded, as André wrapped his arm around its neck, and the two of them disappeared beneath the water.

It was interesting that Rila could see everything happening. Golduck swiftly swimming down to the Clampearl colony with the human on his back. His webbed hands and feet were expanded twice their normal size, gripping the water and pushing it aside. When they reached the clams, Rila could see Golduck wrenching them open and André taking its pearl to place in his pants pocket. After repeating this six times, the Golduck grabbed his trainer and swam to the surface. As soon as he broke out of the water, he burst out a huge gasp of air, refilling his lungs with the much-needed oxygen. He swam over to the boat and dumped his findings inside it.

Rila couldn’t believe the size of the pearls. Each one was the size of an apple. She collected them all and placed them inside of the pack.

“These alone could by us a house, and feed use for years. We don’t need any more…” Rila told him. But André ignored her, took a few moments to catch his breath, and traveled back underwater with Golduck.

Rila didn’t watch this time. She was admiring one of the pearls in her hand when the clouds appeared. “Unusual?” she said suspiciously. It had been perfectly sunny a moment ago. The sky blackened swiftly, and rain began pouring from it moments later. Rila jumped up and peered over into the water. Where was André? She couldn’t see him or Golduck anywhere. The six Clampearl he had taken pearls from lied open and broken on the lake floor, but the rest remained intact. It was as if he never made it to the bottom the second time. The rain poured harder, and thunder began booming behind the clouds. In seconds, waves appeared on the water rocking the sailboat back and forth. “André!” she yelled in fear, but she couldn’t find him. A bolt of lightning erupted from the black clouds and struck the sail, tearing it to shreds and tipping it over. She was going to drown…

Somehow, sensing danger, a burst of light erupted from her purse. It was her Pidgeot who appeared before her. But she wasn’t paying attention; she was searching the water for André. The bird Pokémon was frantic. It wrapped its talons around her shoulders and lifted her into the air. “No!” she screamed. “André! We have to wait for André! He hasn’t come back yet!” But the bird ignored her and flew on through the storm. “Please…” she began to cry. “We have to wait for André…” Tears were streaming down her face as her Pidgeot carried her on, though the rain from the storm had soaked her either way. In the distance, another lightning bolt spit out of the sky and blew the remainder of the boat into pieces; there was nothing left but wood and debris. It was only moments later when the storm ended. Swiftly, and as though it had never started.

Yet the bird kept flying, taking her and the two sacks over her shoulder as far as they needed to go. She was hysterical. She kept writhing in the grip of her loyal Pidgeot hoping to break free and swim back to the heart. But the pigeon gripped her tightly, and refused to let go. She knew her trainer would die if she didn’t bring her to safety first. The hours it took to reach the shoreline seemed to not exist. Rila was not herself; she would not accept that he was gone.

Pidgeot slowed, and descended to the banks of her town. She hovered slightly, and then placed her sobbing trainer lightly on the ground. “We have to go back for him, Pidgeot,” she pleaded, burying her face in her hands. “We have to go back and save him.”
The bird chirped lightly, and looked very solemn. She could feel Rila’s pain and it hurt her nearly as much.

A light sound of footsteps could be heard approaching the two from the docks.

“Ah,” a crackly old voice spoke. “So you are the one who stole my boat.”

Exhausted, Rila could just barely make out the figure of the man who had spoken. He limped slowly over to her putting most of his weight onto the thin cane in his hand. She wanted to say something, but no words came. Like the end of a movie, the picture faded, and then she collapsed.

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