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Default Re: Heart of Vengeance

She opened her eyes to find herself lying in a tiny bed of a log cabin. It was small, but very quaint. At the far corner of it there was a small table with only one chair which was occupied by a dark figure. Behind it was a tiny fire place, enough room for only three or less logs, a few cabinets and bookshelves and that was it. She couldn’t remember what happened, but something felt wrong.

“Oh, you’re awake.” A familiar scratchy voice came from the figure at the table. And then it hit her. She remembered everything and it struck her like a blow to the stomach. She leaned over the side of the bead and spewed onto the floor. “There there, my dear,” said the old man who came with a mop. “I take it you ventured to the heart of Iternadi yesterday?”

“Yesterday?” she asked.

“I’m afraid you’ve slept an entire day since you collapsed in front of my cabin.” He nonchalantly soaked up her mess and placed the mop outside, then returned to the table he had been sitting at when she awoke.

“Well, yes, but how did you-”

“Pearls like these," he cut her off, "can be found nowhere else.” He held up the pack containing the six pearls André had collected and the one his father had given him.

Rila didn’t say anything. She closed her eyes in hopes of fighting back the tears she knew would leak out despite her best efforts.

“And by your demeanor, I assume that you have too lost a loved one to the Spirit of the Sea.”

“I…I don’t understand.” Her throat burned, and she could barely speak.

“Of course. If you had known, you would not have ventured to the heart in the first place.” He stood up and limped slowly over to a bookshelf. Knowing its exact location, he retrieved a novel from the third row and brought it back over to her. “This is an old myth, or so man would like to believe. My father handed it down to me as his father did him, and now, I am giving it to you.”

“But, what is-”

“Everything you need to know is in Chapter Four.” He pointed toward the book, edging her to read it.

She looked down at the old novel he placed in her lap. It was old and worn, but the title on the cover was still readable: The Truth of Time.

“What does a book have to do with anything?” she prompted.

“Everything. Just read, my dear.”

Rila opened to the index, and then flipped to chapter four. The pages were brittle and a few were torn, but the words remained bold and clear. She looked suspiciously up at the man and then back down at the novel, and began reading:

Chapter Four: Heart of Vengeance

Long before time began, everything we know of today was represented simply by a Spirit. These beings were not unlike the Greek gods, however, they had no body, and they had no leader. They were more than a ghost, but less than anything with physical properties, as matter did not exist yet. There were five in total: The Spirit of the Sky, the Spirit of the Sea, the Spirit of the Earth, the Spirit of Fire, and the Spirit of Man.

Together, the five of them were all of creation in their time. They each had emotion, and each could love. It is said that love became to be when Sea and Man had created it. The Spirit of the Sea gave herself to the Spirit of Man, sharing with him all of the knowledge she had ever come to possess. The Spirit of Man took this knowledge from her, and gave nothing in return. The Spirit of the Sea, however, gave no notice. In time the Spirit of Man grew weary of the Spirit of the Sea. His greed overcame him and he left her for the Spirit of the Earth.

Without Man, the Spirit of the Sea felt she no longer had reason to live, and she died of a broken heart. She turned sour, and bitter, and her body tore in many places. As the Spirits evolved over time, her dead body became a part of matter just as the others. Man remained with Earth, and Sky and Fire formed their places around it as well.

Stories have told that there is a place in this time where the heart of the Spirit of the Sea still beats. The tale tells that the broken heart had killed the body, but remained alive itself. But without the rest of the Spirit to maintain it, the heart is cold, and bitter, and those who have been unfortunate enough to happen upon it have lost their lives to its revenge on man.

In retrospect, a theory had developed years ago by a young philosopher by the name of Rayfe Volker that the only way to free the souls taken by the heart of the Spirit of the Sea would be to kill heart; its only living remains. His theory states that the five Spirits reside in five elemental Pokémon, though he has not revealed which five he believes possess them. In theory, he believes the only way to kill the heart of the Sea would be to defeat it in battle with the Spirit of the Earth, as he believes is the only Spirit of the five to which the Sea will show signs of weakness.

To those who have lost their lives and souls to the heart of the Sea, we mourn your absence. And in time we wait. For the death of the heart of the Sea may be the only thing to save you.

“You believe this?” Rila asked as she had finished reading.

“That,” he said, pointing to the name of the philosopher mentioned in the chapter, “is my great great grandfather. His theories have been passed from generation to generation. And yes, I believe every word.”

“But this is nonsense. You can’t possibly expect me to believe that Iternadi Lake is possessed by some Sea Spirit.”

“Can you explain to me then, why every ship or craft that passes over the center of the lake is destroyed due to an abrupt and mysterious storm? You, my dear, would not even be here if it hadn’t been for your pretty bird.”

“And why are you telling me this? What am I supposed to do about anything at all?”

Old Dane Volker was silent for a few moments. He stared into her eyes hoping she would be able to understand why she would want to help.

“The Spirit of the Sea steals the souls of the lives she takes, and does not give them a chance to move on. The heart must be destroyed before they can be released.” He looked sadly at her; it was his turn to hold back tears.

“You have lost someone too, haven’t you?” She could see the sorrow in his eyes, and wished there was something she could do to make it go away.

He said nothing for awhile, but looked down at his shoes from the wooden chair he sat in.

“We can free them,” he spoke finally. “All of them. But to do so I need you to capture the Spirit of the Earth.” His words came out in monotone, as if what he was saying was perfectly plausible and not the least bit strange.

“I would not even know where to begin looking, nor what to do if I had actual found the creature.”

“The first will not be a problem; however, the second will depend on your skills as a trainer.”

She was confused, yet again. It was obvious in her facial expression that she had not the faintest idea what he was trying to imply.

“If you can beat me in a duel, then you are qualified,” he told her. “And if you can indeed defeat me, I will reveal to you the location of the Spirit of the Earth.”

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