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Default Re: Heart of Vengeance

Dane Volker’s log cabin was located at the edge of a dense forest. The trees were all pine and emitted a lovely smell that was amplified in the occasional breezes. Behind the home there was a tiny clearing where trees had been cut down for firewood, and this is where the battle would take place.

“This will be a two on two,” Dane stated. “Neither may switch out, so choose wisely. You may have the honor of sending first.”

Rila only kept three Pokémon with her at a time. She did not like the idea of having so many with her at once, as they had to stay in their Poké Balls the majority of the time. She had pride in her partners, and felt that they were each trained well enough to do well against whatever he may send. Deciding to use the one that had been confined the longest, she withdrew a ball from her purse and tossed it out onto the field. A light, a flash, and in seconds a green gecko was in clear view.

“Interesting, a second stage,” acknowledged her opponent.

The emerald blade on the Grovyle’s head twitched, apparently taking the comment of an insult. Though, the Pokémon had plenty of battling experience, it refused to evolve. Rila knew her Pokémon’s potential, and Grovyle was just as qualified as any other Sceptile there was.

“Well in that case, I’ll be sending my second stage.” Dane reached inside of his jacket, and pulled out an orb of his own. He held it in his hand as it shot open and Grovyle’s opponent materialized onto the field.

“Ah, how clever of you to take type advantage. Humble strategy.” Rila teased him, as she gazed upon the flaming monkey. The Monferno seemed just as offended by this comment as Grovyle had been by Dane’s. The two were both anxious and ready to begin. “I think I’ll start things off then. Grovyle, let’s try a Bullet Seed.”

But before the lizard could even muster the attack, Monferno had charge forward with a glowing fist, squaring Grovyle directly in the jaw. The gecko flew backwards landing with a hard hit on the ground.

“Mach Punch is one of my favorite beginning strategies,” laughed Dane.

Rila smirked sarcastically, and glared back at him. “Give me Swords Dance, Grovyle!”

“Monferno, Fire Spin!” came the call across the field.

The green iguana crossed his arms and began a traditional glowing spin, the faster he got, the brighter he would glow. However, the monkey took no notice of the pretty attack and belched out a ring of hot flames towards its opponent. The spinning Grovyle created a vortex of glowing air with his Swords Dance, and the Fire Spin was absorbed into it. Rila winced at the sounds of her lizard shrieking in pain but it continued out its attack. The spinning slowed, and Grovyle came to a halt; blades glowing, and several burn marks on his skin. His eyebrows furrowed in anger, and he was pumped. He looked at his trainer and she nodded back to him; he knew her strategy.

For a millisecond the ape seemed surprised, however, his face hardened as soon as his trainer called out his next order.

“Fury Swipes!”

Grovyle was too quick for it this time. In a flash the green Pokémon was in the air, and in another, it jet effortlessly back down towards Monferno, lashing it with an Aerial Ace attack. The shocked monkey fell back taking some decent damage from the super effective move.

Rila’s gecko took no time to turn on its heel and rocket towards the monkey again in a blur of white light. The Quick Attack hit the defenseless Monferno, and Grovyle achieved two attacks in a row.

Her opponent would not show any sign of emotion. Hollowly, he sent out his next command.

“You’re fine, Monferno. Use Slack Off.”

The ape agreed and rested in his place. He closed his eyes and appeared to be taking a nap. Rila had never seen this move happen before, nor did she know what it would do. Unfortunately her hesitation would cost her as the monkey awoke within a few seconds, half his HP restored.

“Leaf Blade, Grovyle,” Rila told the jade lizard.

Her Pokémon complied, and launched into the air with glowing grass blades for arms. The primate could see it coming this time, and ducked, causing Grovyle to miss completely and crash into the ground. Monferno spun around blew and enormous blast of hot flames at the fallen Grass type and the Flamethrower was a direct hit.

The move swiftly took its toll, and Rila thought frantically as she had little time to decide. It wasn’t until her green companion began glowing that she decided on a move.

“That’s Overgrow…Okay. Try your hardest to send a Leaf Storm, Grovyle!”

“Flare Blitz, Monferno!”

A wind picked up suddenly, and the trees all began to sway restlessly in the wind. Pine needles were pulled off their branches and regrouped in front of the Grass gecko. Swirling around him was a tornado of nature and it seemed as if the forest was on his side. In a final burst of energy, a green jet of light and power burst from the Grovyle as he sent it charging towards the Fire type.

Monferno had little time to react, but managed to somehow send off a small hint of the Fire attack back at its opponent before taking the hit. The field exploded, and dust and grass and smoke covered everything, shielding both Pokémon from view.

In moments, the debris cleared and the field was visible again. Grovyle lay fainted where he had sent his last move, and Monferno remained standing, panting heavily, but still in play. Rila smiled with pride at her Pokémon, and returned him to his ball.

“I must say,” Dane chimed from the opposite end of the field, “I never expected a Grass type would last that long, or deal as much damage as yours did.”

She chose her Pidgeot as her second Pokémon, hoping a battle would show it gratitude. And so with a flick of her wrist, the bird was sent soaring into the air.

It seemed a little too easy when Pidgeot sent the Gust attack blowing down towards its foe. The windy move was very light, however, seemed plenty to take its toll. One direct hit and the chimp was knocked out as well. She wished that Grovyle could have lasted just a bit longer so he could receive full credit for all the work he had done. Either way, Pidgeot chirped gleefully in the sky, awaiting her next rival, and ready to fight.

The old man pondered for a few moments and decided. He reached into his jacket once more and withdrew his final Pokémon.

This time, a cerulean snake like creature formed, and the last Pokémon was in play. Rila looked upon this new foe in awe; she had heard about these rare creatures but had never actually seen one. Two light wings on its slender head, followed by a large azure orb beneath its chin. The legless body stretched several feet, where they ended with three more azure spheres. It was a Dragonair.

At least this time Dane didn’t have an extreme type advantage, but this mythological Pokémon was going to be a tough opponent either way.

“Open up with a Twister, Pidgeot!” Rila shouted her first attack.
“You do the same, Dragonair.”

The two different Pokémon differed in their techniques for mustering up the attack. While Pidgeot beat her wings and opened her beak to blow Dragon energy into the attack, her blue opponent simply twirled its tail as if bored by the simple attack. The two tornadoes grew in size, with Dragonair’s being larger. When each had reached the peak of its power, both Pokémon sent their conjured moves to each other. The two attacks almost seemed to be alive, as instead of colliding in the middle, they dodged around each other, both marking their prey with a direct hit.

Somehow Pidgeot could remain airborne, though nearly lost her flight when the contact of the windy Twister sent her toppling through the sky. She managed to pull her wings out from underneath, catching the wind and soaring back into the sky. Her feathers were ruffled, and in some places missing, but she had plenty of life left in her and looked ready to continue fighting.

It was unusual how the dragon had taken the attack, however. Considering his type disadvantage to the Twister, Rila had expected some massive damage to come from it. But the Dragonair seemed completely nonchalant, as if the powerful tornado had been a mere gust of calm air.

Impossible… she thought. Her tactics would need to change immensely if this creature could withstand her only super effective move so easily. “Pidgeot, give me an Aerial Ace!”
The bird did not wait for her to finish her sentence, but was already half way to the blue snake with barreling speed. Like a rocket ship reentering earth’s atmosphere, Pidgeot began glowing from head descending. Why isn’t it moving? The Dragonair remained calm and stood its ground. It stared at the pigeon plummeting toward it with no sign of fear. In seconds, Pidgeot struck the indigo snake straight on. This move seemed to take at least some effect in compared to Twister, but Rila’s triumph lastly a few mere moments, as she looked on to realize why the mythical creature had remained motionless.

Like a pipe cleaner the dragon coiled around the Pidgeot, wrapping and squeezing in the process. The bird was trapped. She writhed and squirmed and tried everything she could to break free but nothing worked. The Dragonair had caught her in an extremely powerful Wrap attack.

Dane watched his Pokémon in admiration, a crooked smile on his lips that seemed to show pleasure in Pidgeot’s pain. The snake dragon coiled tighter and tighter, and with a snap Rila could hear a bone breaking inside her bird followed by an immense screech of agony.
“Peck!” came Rila’s long-awaited order. “Force it to release you!”

Tears of torture streamed down the pigeon’s face as it found the courage to bend and force its razor sharp beak into the flesh of her opponent. In a sound not unlike that of a dying rabbit, the dragon shrieked from the new wound and loosened its hold on Pidgeot just long enough to allow the bird to escape.

A shrill of glee, and Pidgeot gained flight back into the sky.

“Quick now, use Roost!”

With speed to save her, the bird Pokémon managed to perform the bright move in seconds. A swift glow and her bones were healed and energy restored.

Disappointed that his strategy had just been erased, he ordered his next attack, “Thunder Wave her!”

“Air Slash!”

The sphere beneath the chin of the dragon began to spark as the Pidgeot sent ripping knives of air rocketing towards it. Dragonair had taken three hits before the Electricity had finally bolted through air to hit the air born bird.

Pidgeot screeched and crashed to the ground. A brief cloud of dust blew up over the field at the contact. When everything was visible again, Rila could see Pidgeot crouched on the earth in pain and embarrassment. Such a creature did not belong on the earth, and she buried her face in her wings in shame.

“Very nice,” Dane boasted. “Ice Beam, Dragonair.”

An icy mist appeared around the sapphire sphere beneath the head of the enemy this time. Dragonair had acquired the lead for fastest speed thanks to Pidgeot’s paralysis, and the icy beam of energy came erupting from its mouth. The pigeon could not dodge quick enough, and the attack hit home, melting over her and enclosing her in a shower of ice and pain. Screaming, the bird could do nothing to seize it and endured the hit as it sucked away her little remaining energy. As it ended, a final idea came to Rila, and the chance that it may work was her only shot at victory.

“Mirror Move!”

Dane’s eyes widened, showing surprise for the first time. The bird seemed to almost smile with pleasure as she opened her wings, and spit out an identical ice attack to the one that had just hit her. In a swirl of sparking blue and white, the beam crashed into the dragon just as powerfully.

With a long and high pitched roar, Dragonair fainted far before the icy energy had finished taking its toll.

Rila had won.

With a look of confusion, Dane Volker withdrew his Pokémon; shocked, but proud. “Well done, dear girl. I had hoped it would turn out this way.”

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