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Default Re: Heart of Vengeance

“Haha, come on Rila! Don’t be a chicken, it’s just a Weedle!” The nine year old boy teased her, as he watched her cringe back in fear of the little bug that just wiggled out of the bushes.

“That’s easy for you to say! I don’t have any Pokémon to battle it with!” She furrowed her eyebrows and glared at him in anger, then stuck out her tongue.“Hmmph!”

“Well just throw a stick at it or something!” he told her.

The little girl looked to her feet and saw a decent sized rock lying inches away. She bent down and grabbed it, then stood back up to look questioningly at the boy. He nodded assurance to her and she bit her tongue as she threw the rock as hard as she could at the worm. With a clunk the stone hit the Weedle right in the face, and while they had expected the weak Pokémon to squirm away, this one in particular simply frowned and fired a stinging poison missile at the little girl. The Poison Sting struck her arm, and Rila shrunk to her knees and started to cry from the pain.

“Charmander, use Ember!” The boy ordered his fire lizard, who had been waiting patiently beside him. There was a little crackle and sparking sound, and then a wave of tiny flames came flying from the red creature’s mouth. The little embers struck home on the Weedle, knocking it out in one hit.

The black haired boy walked slowly over to the little girl sobbing in the grass, and placed a hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry Rila... I didn’t know it would attack you.” He looked sadly at her as she cried.

“It’s…it’s-” she hiccuped. “It’s okay. You…you…not your fault.” Her words were muffled with her face buried into her hands.

“Here,” the boy said strongly, reaching into his pocket. “I want you to have my Eevee. I think he will be better off with you anyway.” The little boy handed the shiny Poké Ball down towards her.

She lifted her head to reveal a red face wet with tears. Her glassy eyes met his and she jumped up and threw herself into his arms. The boy was taken aback by this gesture, but managed to wrap one arm around her as the other still occupied Eevee’s Poké Ball.

She sniffed her runny nose and whispered, “Thank you, André…”


The dust from the fall settled, and Rila slowly reopened her eyes, blinking several times before she could see a clear picture. She was right at the edge of town, and it felt like someone had just smoked her head with a club. She turned over onto her stomach and somehow managed to push herself onto her feet.

“Charizard!” She noticed the unconscious dragon lying on the earth a few feet beside her. She staggered over to it, regaining her wit. “Wake up, Charizard. Wake UP!” She pushed against its side frantically trying to bring him back, though the attempt had little effect on the beast.

There was a deep growl and the dragon’s eyes reopened. His piercing blue eyes refocused and he jolted up with a roar, remembering where he was and what had happened. He searched the skies for any sign of their attacker, but it was completely clear. The dragon stared back at Rila and then pointed towards the city. He frowned in warning, and glared stubbornly at her.

“But…I’m not leaving you,” she told him.

The dragon roared, his raspy voice sending a clear message. He was going to stay and hold of the Aerodactyl while she ran. But she couldn’t bring herself to do it…

Another howling screech came from the sky, forcing both the girl and dragon to look up into it. Clumsily, a large flying dinosaur was charging through the air. The ancient Pokémon had found them, and it would only be a matter of moments before it would reach the spot where they stood.

Charizard was frantic now. He looked fiercely back at Rila and lowered his head to let out the most profound roar she had ever heard from him. His razor sharp teeth were bared and she could see the saliva dripping from them and spraying out from the sound waves. She knew he would not let her stay. So guiltily, she turned and ran, leaving him there to fight. Alone.

It broke her heart to hear the roars and screeches of the two dragon-like Pokémon battling behind her as she ran, but she knew everything that Charizard had done for her would go to waste if she stopped now.

The clashing sounds lasted minutes longer until Rila heard a final blasting roar from Charizard. The deep throated sound erupted into the sky, but it was not a victory roar, it was a roar of agony. Her heart sunk as she ran. Charizard had lost…

It wouldn’t be long now before Aerodactyl caught up to her. Her heart pounded in fear as her few options ran through her mind.

There were crashing noises coming from behind her…getting louder and louder and the more she ran, the faster the source of the noise seemed to catch up to her. The first street of her town emerged in front of her. The houses on either side of her seemed vacant and non-existent. Sweat streamed down her face as she ran, dripping into her eyes. The salty liquid burned and she squinted in pain. A house beside her exploded and pieces of debris came lashing out at her, cutting her face and arms as she ran. The few seconds she took to gaze at the empty space beside of her where the house had been were enough to cause her to trip and fall in the middle of the street. She turned over on her back and looked back to the direction from which she ran. A dark figure loomed over her…she couldn’t see it, it was blocking out the sun. A tiny orb of light appeared at the center of the figure, growing larger and larger with the sound of an eerie whistling noise. It was completely quiet; all she could hear was the whistling that reminded her of the sound of a steaming teapot. The orb was expanding, it was the size of the entire head of the figure…it stopped…and then with an enormous burst of energy, the ball of light exploded, and a wave of sound erupted from it like thunder. The light that had been trapped in the ball shot towards her. She had no time to escape. Her heart raced in the millisecond it would take for the strange energy to reach her.

And in that millisecond, a light burst from the bag draped over her shoulder and Dragonair appeared. And still in that millisecond, a protective shield of light shot in front of them, blocking the Hyper Beam attack completely.

The Aerodactyl screamed at the snake-dragon, who in turn did nothing but stare calmly back at it. Angered by this response, the rock Pokémon lunged towards the blue creature and ripped icily into its neck. Dragonair howled and writhed, and somehow managed to bring the lower portion of his tail up and over onto his foe, lashing him with a powerful burst of water. Both the Ice Fang and Aqua Tail attacks hit home, causing both Pokémon to flinch back in pain.

Rila had no idea what attacks Dragonair knew, but it wasn’t looking to her for guidance. So all she could do was look on helplessly and hope that the dragon was capably of battling without a trainer.

Aerodactyl shook its massive head in annoyance, as though shooing a fly, and then beat his wings to build an air attack. Dragonair in turn majestically opened its mouth and sent another super effective beam of ice energy to the rock and flying type. Somehow Aerodactyl was too slow this time, and a four times weakness to Ice was apparent in the scream of the ancient Pokémon. The pain, however, seemed to develop into anger as the Aerodactyl hastily conjured up another Hyper Beam and shot it directly at the sky-dragon.
The impact of the attack the time hit hard. Dragonair was flung back several feet and into the ground before the beam ended. Rila could see that Dane’s prized partner had very little fight left in it, she never expected it would have dealt so much damage to the dactyl in the first place.

But then something else happened. Something she wouldn’t have expected to happen even if someone had told her it would. Dragonair turned white. Pure white. It was morphing and changes right before her very eyes, and she looked on in anticipation as it grew to an enormous size, knowing what it was about to become.
In a hum the light faded, and what had once been a beautiful indigo reptile, was now one of the most magnificent creatures in the Pokémon world. The Dragonite bellowed in song, standing tall and proud, and ready to fight all over again.

The ancient Aerodactyl had paid no attention to this event. He was too busy focusing on the earth around him; harnessing its energy in hopes of building a powerful Ancient Power attack. Dragonite wasted no time admiring its new body and abilities, he immediately conjured the best Hyper Beam he could muster and sent it rocketing towards the rock-dinosaur. The Ancient Power attack was unaffected by Dragonite’s attempts, and the beam of light seemed to go right through it. While Aerodactyl was hit with the powerful Normal type attack, Dragonite was struck with rocks and earth and pure power itself.
Both of the powerful beasts took massive damage and were hurled back from the force. Rila was grateful with the experience of Dane’s Dragonite, though she hoped it knew that it would take far more than brute strength to win this battle.

The peach dragon regained composure and belched out a second beam, but this one of ice. Rila could feel the coldness of it, even in standing several yards away. The wicked ice slapped the dactyl with a method not unlike a machine gun. Over and over the Rock and Flying type was pelted with ice. And suddenly, in the midst of the attack, Aerodactyl managed to create one himself.

Without realizing it had happened, several boulders the size of small horses began barreling down out of nowhere. Dragonite was crushed by rock after rock and the Ice Beam emitting from its mouth finished early as it forced itself to dodge the remaining rocks still tumbling toward it.

Both Pokémon were heaving heavily, the two of them wouldn’t last much longer. Dragonite tried his very hardest to attempt one more Ice Beam, but Aerodactyl didn’t seem like he was going to allow him the chance. With energy that seemed to arrive from nothing, the grey beast dug his talons into the earth once more, absorbing power from its very core. The ground between them began to shake as the earth shifted and split open. A line of energy burst from it, bolting towards Dragonite with lightning speed. There was no time for a counter attack. The earth exploded in a huge blast, like a pack of dynamite being set off on the very ground between the dragon’s feet. He was flung backwards from the mere force of the attack. And in one motion, the mythological creature fainted. Aerodactyl had prevailed once more.

Rila extracted the ginger dragon’s Poké Ball, and recalled it to a well deserved rest. She knew this moment would come. The moment when she herself would need to face the Spirit of the Earth. And only one of her remaining Pokémon would be capable of the feat.
With a sigh that seemed to say “it’s now or never”, she threw her last hope into the air.
The familiar creature that appeared once the translucent light dimmed differed greatly from the disposition it had once held since the last time she had seen it. Instead of calm and relaxed, the yellow-ringed Pokémon was extremely alert and eager for battle.
“Give it a Confuse Ray, Umbreon!” Rila sent her first order.

Umbreon’s crimson eyes immediately lit up with glee, glowing and sneering as a ring of yellow energy approached the grey fiend. But the monster waited for nothing, and sent an enormous Hyper Beam at the dark fox Pokémon. Fortunately the Confuse Ray hit, but at the cost of a massive amount of damage for her sake.

The dactyl officially had no idea what was going on. The confusion seemed to just anger it further, causing it to send attacks flying randomly and barreling into a nearby house with a crash. It emerged on satisfied, and the confusion seemed to be getting the best of it as it began chasing its tail in an attempt to Bite it. Rila couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

“Dark Pulse!”

And her Pokémon complied. In moments a dark purple aura enclosed the body of the Umbreon. In one gesture, an enormous wave of Dark energy came vibrating from it and burst into the confused Aerodactyl. There hadn’t been much life left in it to begin with, but the dinosaur seemed to do the most damage to itself as it plunged into the earth a final time.

She wasted no time retrieving a Poké Ball from her pack and finally thrusting it at the fallen beast. She watched it go twitching into the candy cane colored orb, and then drop again to the earth, twitching.

She felt triumph that moment, and looked proudly onto the Umbreon standing before her, the very Umbreon that had once been an Eevee those many years ago. The time when nothing mattered.

And in the memories, tears burst from her eyes as the picture went blurry and the Poké Ball stopped shaking…

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