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Default Re: [SU] Rise Of The God Dracos!

You are accepted sockyo.

Name: Elana Froze

Age: 13

Gender: Female


Personality: Elana never really cares about her looks, with more of a tomboy personality. When you first meet Elana, you may think that she's quiet and shy. But when you get to know her, you realise that she never stops talking! Usally, calm and mellow, Elana likes to be friendly and have a chat. But when you make her mad she can get violent. Otherwise Elana is a fun loving friend who always helps others. Being a tomboy, Elana hates other people telling her to be a lady. Used to being bullied, Elana never takes offence to many things and usually keeps her feelings happy. To others, she always seems happy. When she is feeling down, she never really expresses it to her friends and keeps it to herself. Elana never cries in public unless a disaster has happened, but at home she can be a crybaby

History: Elana had a pretty boring life. She spent her whole spare time on the computer, or on her game consoles until her dad said that it was enough. She sat around for the rest of her time, waiting fort the time everyday when she could hop on to the internet. One day, she got bored and drew a Draco for herself, a fox type Draco, a silvery colour. It then came alive and Elana always made an effort to play with it until she designed another creature, a snake like one. The two became best friends.

Draco(s): Illu and Fang

Draco Form

Nickname: Illu

Species: Fusiox/Fox

Description Of Your Species: Fusiox is a very fox like Draco with very soft velvety furt and brown tips on it's paws and tails. Fusiox can come in a few differenty colours with different rairity, from the common bownish-orange to the rare silver and gold Fusiox. Fusiox are psychic Dracos, and they can move things with their minds. Their most incredible power is to create illusions and make them real. Fusiox can become very loyal to their owners, and can even risk their own lives to save them from harm. Fusiox's fur is so soft that people like to sleep on it. They don't mind that. But some people ate tempted enough to pull some fur off. This can make Fusiox so angry that it will place a curse on you.

Special Technique: Rarity Ball: The more rare colour of Fusiox, the more damage the target takes. Silver does the most.

Personality: Illu, being a silver fusiox, is not snobby about her rarity, but is kind to Spikakeand her other friends. Illu is ver loyal to Elana and will do anything for her, making competition with her best friends Spikake, who also thinks fondly of Elana. Illu thinks she has the advantage here, because she was created first. Illu is still struggling with making illusions real, but Spikake thinks that having normal illusion powers is good enough.

Draco Form

Nickname: Fang

Species: Spikake/Snake

Description Of Your Species: Spikake are mutated snakes, with long dragon spikes and and pointed tail. Also having arms, they are able to lift. The end of their tail is very poisionous, and you shouldn't ever touch it, even if you know the Spikake. Because of Spikake being part dragon and snake, many think that they should be banned as pets, but many Spikake are pretty sweet. They will wrap around their tamers as a sign of affection.

Special Technique: Poisionous Horn: Spikake will shoot a large toxic spike from it's horn.

Personality: Fang is a very affectionate Spikake, and likes to wrap itself around Elana. Fang scares some people because of it's species, but he just thinks that's silly, because Fang wouldn't hurt a fly, despite his name. Fang likes making competition with Illu, by showing more affection to Elana.

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