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Default Re: RP Announcements and Feedback

Originally Posted by Pokemon25 View Post
There are very much closed topics but here is a recommendation:Make your posts big to avoid your topic from locking.

Originally Posted by KingofRohan888 View Post
Sorry, but big doesn't always equal good. If you have a post riddled with horrible grammar then chances are it will still get closed. Not to be rude but your post right now is pretty bad

There are alot of closed topics, but here is a recommendation: Make your posts bigger to avoid your topic from being locked.
I actually disagree. If you have a super-long sign-up that no one can read, it doesn't make any sense to read it. Also, if you have a role-play post that is super long (i.e. more than a post or something), who except those seriously involved, and even those marginally, doesn't make it worth reading.

Anyways, I'm a bit nervous because I just launched an rp, which I've never done to much success. It doesn't help that the topic is not really what you would expect from a pokemon roleplay. Its set in a parallel Earth which is very similar (which means Wikipedia can be used to great extent, with exceptions). But, go check it out if you want to try something different. Also, I sort of need someone a bit more experienced then I (I'm no n00b, I just write fan fiction a lot more than I do role-plays) to look it over and see where / if it can / should be polished, and if its worth trying to get it to start here, or if I should bring it somewhere else (SPPf comes to mind. It's about the same quality wise, but a lot bigger. No offense, PE2K, because these boards are a lot homelier. But, I digress.)
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