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Default Re: Fire Red/Leaf Green in English?

Originally Posted by boltAge
The problem is, there's a rule that says "Do not bring up threads more than week old". And you just brought up some random old thread. If it was a dead board(like Mixed Writing Board), it'd be fine, but no, not in this busy board.

[edit] And about the rest of the arguements above, I dislike the double post rule, but the old thread rule IS needed, because we had like tons of new polls in the Mixed Voting Polls Board for you to vote in, but some random nub brought up the ancient polls, causing chaos and spam to break out. I'm not going to talk more about this or reply to any flames directed to me, I'm not ready for another ban.
Well,when I did this there wasn't much people around and I was bored.Even if there were people they don't talk very much.