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Default Re: Pokelord vs Djax vs Nobody_Nerd vs DarkGardevoir {Normal Standard Cute Contest}

Round 4:

DG, gosh, I took at least 2 minute to understand your first line, I still thought you were talking about errors. And I'm sorry about the star, didn't meant to forget.

Glaceon bluds with Batony Passy! +2
Makes mons after user nervous...(for the .... )
Crowd cheers, +1 [CL=1]

Togekiss went random with Metronome!
OnlineHost (11:27:35 PM): sniperXpwnage rolled 1 100-sided die: 30
Togekiss was too nervous to move! PHAIL!

Teddiursa performs a combo with Snore!
onlinehost (11:27:36 PM): sniperXpwnage rolled 1 100-sided die: 34
Little bear was too nervous to even snore, lmao. PHAIL!

Togekiss takes advantage with Last Resort!
onlinehost (11:27:39 PM): sniperXpwnage rolled 1 100-sided die: 8
Kissy was too nervy to movey, so PHAILY!


1st Glaceon 200PTS
2nd Togekiss 130PTS
3rd Teddiursa 100PTS
4th Togekiss 90PTS {Star}

Last round btw.

Edit: Judging this type of contest is way simpler and easier, lol, but boring... :P
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