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Default Re: Pokelord vs Djax vs Nobody_Nerd vs DarkGardevoir {Normal Standard Cute Contest}

Glaceon wags its tail once again for seduction! +6
Crowd cheers for the seduction, +1! [CL=2]
WHAM! -4

Togekiss slaps Glaceon real hard on the butt with Charm! +2
Crowd cheers for hot action, +1! [CL=3]

Teddiursa took advantage of Togekiss with a Covet attack!
Didn't went well, +1.
Crowd cheers for the cuteness, +1! [CL=4]

Togekiss happily went last without being bullied, used Last Resort!
Appeal worked excellently! +6
Star! +1
Crowd cheers, slaps, screams, slaps, cries, jumps, hit each other and gave bonus crowd boost of +5!

1st Glaceon 230PTS
2nd Togekiss 210PTS {Star}
3rd Togekiss 160PTS
4th Teddiursa 120PTS


Djax wins, gets $2k and Normal Cute ribbon.
Pokelord and DG with Togekiss and Togekiss got a draw and draw, getting $1.5 each.
Nobodys_Nerd got last, gets $1k.



DG, you told everyone to jam and you didn't, lol.
And this contest is really colorful...o.o

*Note: I'm not exactly sure of Covet.
| Covet | Cute | +1 | 0 |
Half the number of Appeal Points (rounded up) given to the Pokemon who appealed directly before are added to the users score. If it’s negative or zero, user earns +1.
I added the TOTAL of appeal points (including crowd boost) and divided it by 2. If it is wrong, someone tell me. Anyway, Teddiursa will still get +1 only from either ways, but I wanted to verify.

And how much wages do I get for judging this one since U&E shared the judging with me?
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