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Default Re: Digimon: Bio-Emergance Assualt! (The RP)

It had been a long layover in Los Angeles and I had spent a lot of it sleeping. However, even in first class, an airplane seat is still an airplane seat and is still noteably uncomfortable. I suppose though, that it could've been much worse. Who knows? I might've been stuck in Canada still.
I had grabbed a breakfast sandwhich from McDonalds and made my way to the next plane. I ignored the protests from the airport staff who claimed that the Economy Class was still being cleaned, but I merely waved my first class ticket before them and made my way quickly onto the plane. I reaccustomed myself onto the cushy seat and pulled out the yellow envelope from Hypnos once again. I flipped lazily through it, jetlag seemingly setting in early. I dropped the package on top of my backpack and pulled out my sketchbook. The picture of Guilmon sprung out underneath my fingertips and I fondly drew my fingers over his contour. My mind started to wander into the future once again and I completely missed the fact that another boy had come in to the airplane and sat down in the chair next to me. By the time that I did notice, he was already asleep.
He didn't look too much older than me - a year at the most - and he wore a red shirt with the number "16" emblazoned on it. He had an interesting array of items with him including his video games and -
- is that a stack of Digimon cards?
It wouldn't be entirely impossible that another kid nowadays was interested in Digimon, especially since he was from LA...
But then again... wouldn't it be an even greater adventure if another child selected by Hypnos was aboard the plane?
He had a similar build to my own... but that would be impossible, wouldn't it?
I mean, of all the kids picked throughout all of the world for this mission, what were the chances that another one would be on this plane?
Then again, if Hypnos had sent for all the kids on the same day, it wasn't impossible that this flight would be sent down to LA... it is a heavily populated area of the world... and of all the countries of the world, the United States was quite likely to bear one of the children chosen for such an adventure...
I put my stuff back into my backpack and tried to sleep again, but the idea of another digidestined sitting next to me was a little bit too intriguing. Still, I managed to fall into a half-daze and pass the time...

Credit to Exophi for making such a splendid banner!

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