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Default Re: Digimon: Bio-Emergance Assualt! (The RP)

"Cable Crusher!" said Wendigomon as it launched another attack, this time hitting D and Kitsunaymon square. The two heroes were in a sudden shock for a moment, "Why can't we digivolve.....?" said Kitsunaymon, then it snapped back into focus, "Anyway's we're gonna have to deal with it! Nature Force!" they were in the forest now, almost to they're stop. Kitsunaymon began to glow green and dissolved into the trees. Then vines and branches emerged from the greens and wrapped and lashed at Wendigomon, "Ahh, ugh.." it seemed to have gotten hurt badly. Kitsunaymon re-emerged from the bushes, "Good job, Kitsunaymon, now le-" D was cut off by Wendigomon, "Howling Destroyer!!!" a bunch of cannons appeared from Wedigomon's fur, "Uhh....Get ready Kitsunaymon." said D, bracing himself. "Gotcha'" replied Kitsunaymon, doing the same. The cannons fired an onslaughter of bullets, it took alot of energy for the two to dodge most of them. D collapsed to his knees, ".....L-Lo-Locomon, are we almost, t-there?" he asked his traveling companion, "I reckon we're just about there, yes! *Whistle*" D looked over, and saw the digiport ahead of them. Locomon was going to go through it! "Ok, good. Now, let's finish this! Kitsunaymon, use your Elemental Claw." he said glancing over to the kitsune digimon. "No, problem!" Kitsunaymon began to run towards Wendigomon, and it's claw began glowing white, "Elemental Claw! Wind!" and slashed the large digimon, creating a small cyclone. Wendigomon dispated into data, deleted for good, "No.....I failed...forgive me, master..." it said as it dissapeared.

Locomon passed through the portal, and they ended up in a large, labrotory-like room(HYPNOS), and hit a rail bumper. D and Kitsunaymon climbed down from on top of the cart, and went toward Locomon, "Are you ok?" asked D to the machine. "Well I'll be! You guys took care of the bandit!" just as Locomon said that, a bunch of men came our of nowhere, and began unloading the cargo. One man, in particular, was blonde, older looking, and was wearing black sunglasses, walked up to Locomon, D, And Kitsunaymon. "I take it everything went ok, Locomon?" he asked, "Darn tootin' it did!" replied Locomon. "Good.." he noticed D and Kitsunaymon, "Who are you two?" D rumaged in his pocket, and pulled out his letter, "Do you happen to know anything about this?" asked D. The man examined it for a moment, then smiled, "I see you recieved my letter. Let me introduce myself, my name is Mitsuo Yamaki. The building you are in is the HYPNOS headquarters. You may not realize it, but your in Shinjuku, Tokyo." D looked around, it does explain his surroundings. "Alright, but what is it Locomon was shipping here?" asked Kitsunaymon. Mitsuo realized for the first time Kitsunaymon was there, "I see you already have a digimon. A Kitsunaymon, I believe? Ok, Follow me, we have other guests like you that should be arriving soon."

The three walked into what seemed to be the lobby, and took a seat, waiting.....for the others........
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