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Default Re: Digimon: Bio-Emergance Assualt! (The RP)

I was shaken out of my daze as a stewardess pushed her trolley by. I watched without realising it as the boy beside me grabbed a muffin and a drink. It was his cold stare that snapped me back into reality and my previous thoughts of the possibility that this boy was also hired for the Hypnos project came whirling back.

Then he abolished all doubt in one single question. "Were you chosen to be part of the Hypnos project?" he asked me. "Given your taste in Digimon, I'm not sure that it's possible."
A spark of defensiveness shot up within me as I registered the moderate insult to Guilmon. "I'm not sure if you ever heard about the disturbances in our destination 50 years ago, and judging by your... supplies," I said this with a note of disdain as I raised an eyebrow towards his video games and cards, "it strikes me as equally doubtful... But yes, I recieved this package from Hypnos a couple days ago." I gestured to the package. "I was chosen for my knowledge of the real cases of digimon." I emphasized the word 'real' with another direct look at the boy's video games.

I quickly realised that my defensiveness was extremely rude and that this boy was more than undoubtably another chosen child. But it was too late to retract my statements.
Before he had a chance to retaliate, I quickly tried to redeem myself. "But I forget myself," I said quickly. "I'm Ian. I suppose you're another one of the kids that Hypnos has sent for?"
I forced out a little smile, despite the boy's previous looks and waited for a response.

OOC: This just struck me afterwards as a good way to create rivalry between main characters, such as that between Matt and Tai in the first season. :P Just a thought.

Credit to Exophi for making such a splendid banner!

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