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Default Re: Digimon: Bio-Emergance Assualt! (The RP)

OOC: I'm thinking more of an Izzy/Tai relationship here.
BTW, I've decided to go 1st person view now

IC: "I'm not sure if you ever heard about the disturbances in our destination 50 years ago, and judging by your... supplies," he said with a look of disdain towards my video games and cards, "it strikes me as equally doubtful... But yes, I recieved this package from Hypnos a couple days ago." he gestured to the package. "I was chosen for my knowledge of the real cases of digimon." he emphasized the word 'real' with another look at the my supplies.

He then tried to redeem himself, amusingly enough. "But I forget myself," he said quickly. "I'm Ian. I suppose you're another one of the kids that Hypnos has sent for?"

I laughed. I then quickly regained my composure, but with the faintest hint of a smile. I'd need to work on that. "I'm Ryan Vimouk Tagouchi. Digimon Card Battle Champion of the World. And the champion of the video game too, for that matter." I inhaled deeply, "You must live in a pretty secluded place if you don't know who I am. But, as to answear your question, I have heard of the Bio-Emergences in the last few years and I am indeed a member of the kids chosen by HYPNOS." I paused to let it all sink in.
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