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Default Re: Digimon: Bio-Emergance Assualt! (The RP)

OOC: What kind of relationship did Tai and Izzy have? Wasn't Izzy just frustrated with Tai because he was too reckless and not systematic enough?

IC: "Tagouchi?" I said for a moment, rolling the syllables over my tongue for a moment. It certainly didn't sound like an American name, but then again there were many people who were long American, and the only giveaway that they weren't American was their last name. I moved on though, for that obviously wasn't the important part at the moment.

"Secluded?" I asked, remembering his previous comment. "You might say that... I come from Canada... and we don't have video games in my house. My parents are crazy," I said, pulling a moderately disgusted face for a moment. "So I guess you're chosen for your Digimon skills... World Champion is quite a title. But I suppose you didn't use Guilmon for any of those battles."

The guy seemed a bit high on himself, as if defending his video games and cards, trying to put them higher than what in any other situation would've been more important. However, given the circumstances, I realised that a new form of competition may have just entered the battle. While I knew almost everything there was to know about Digimon, I have never been put into a real life situation like he may have. I had never battled with them, although in theory it shouldn't have been that hard, seeing as how I had documented and memorised most of the live Digimon battle sightings. This kid must've had quick thinking, though, especially to have won first place. I, however, had no experiences with battling and was likely to take a while, assuming that that opportunity arose. After all, there were some pretty graphic things that were described in the booklets that Hypnos had sent...

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