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Default Re: Digimon: Bio-Emergance Assualt! (The RP)

OOC: When can we start sending digimon to the Real World?

"Metal Cannon!!!" Dorumon growled in anger and shot out metallic orbs at an immense speed towards Monzeamon, with no time to react, Monzeamon took the metallic projectiles head on and he slowly began to lose his balance. Monzeamon chuckled a bit as he hugged himself and then opened his arms wide open

"That is all? Heart Attack!!!" Out of his stomach, a numerous quantity of blue hearts flew towards Dorumon, and one of them sucked him in and popped with Dorumon inside it. The heart bubbles just kept on sucking Dorumon inside of them and popping with him inside of it. "Dorumon! Digi-Modify! Death-X Evolution!!!"

Noah's digivice began to let out a black light once Noah swiped a dark card. The dark light began to engulf Dorumon, as he began to grow larger and his tail changed into a type of cable. He grew out wings and began to growl at Monzeamon. "DorumonDeath-X-Digivolve/Dark Digivolve to!!!DexDorugamon" Noah quickly jumped on to DexDorugamon and whispered into his ears quietly "Finish this, Now!" DexDorugamon growled in excitement as it flew towards Monzeamon at an intense speed, ready to finish the job.

"Digi-Core! Give me your digi-core! Metal Cast!" DexDorugamon quickly latched on to Monzaemons body and ripped out his insides, taking out the digi-core from inside Monzaemons patch and he quickly ate it, turning Monzeamon to scrap-data. DexDorugamon quickly turned towards Noah, with an evil grin as he slowly walked closer and closer towards Noah, opening his mouth. ""Don't even think about it!" Noah pointed his digivice towards DexDorugamon once more and he quickly de-digivolved back to Dorumon. "Sorry 'bout that Noah. I guess we should keep looking?" Noah nodded as he began to walk out of the village.
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