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Default Re: Digimon: Bio-Emergance Assualt! (The RP)

D, Kitsunaymon, and Mitsuo sat on a round, black comforted bench. The Lobby was in black in gray, and the windows were tinted black aswell, as if they were trying to keep something a secret. "You wouldn't happen to have anything to drink here, would you?" asked D. Kitsunaymon realized that he was parched too, "Yes, I am quite thirsty...." he said, panting from manipulation. Mitsuo reached into his pocket and pulled out a dollar, "Here, use this. The machines are down that hallway." he said pointing northward, and then he looked at Kitsunaymon, "You, on the other hand, follow me. We have food and water designed especially for Digimon." D walked towards the hall, while Kitsunaymon and Mitsuo went the other way.

Looking left and right, passing doorways and other corridors, D continued to move forward. He looked over in one hallway, and saw the drink machines, "There they are.." he said. He approached a machine that said, "Cola" on it. It took him a minute to remember how to use them, but he eventually got it. Being in the digital world where there aren’t many cities with such machines for a long time, sure does throw a person off when he comes home to the real world. D took a sip of Ramune soda (A Japanese soda brand, look it up!), “Not bad.” He thought to himself. He walked back down the hall and saw Kitsunaymon drinking the digi-drink.
“I take it your drink is enjoyable?” asked D to his friend, “Yes, it is very good.” Kitsunaymon replied. Mitsuo approached them from behind D, “The other children should be arriving here soon. Let’s drive to Shinjuku International and meet with them.” He said, pulling out the keys to the car. D and Kitsunaymon agreed, so they walked outside, hopped into the latest model of Jetta Volkswagens that was waiting for them outside, and drove off. Traffic was heavy during the ride, D and Kitsunaymon enjoyed looking at the large skyscrapers and advertisements.

Though it seemed to be hours, they eventually maneuvered though bunches of cars, and made it to Shinjuku International. They stepped out, and the driver with the Jetta left and a stretch limo came behind it. “This is the limo that will pick up the children. We will also be riding in it.” Said Mitsuo, “Now let’s go inside, they’re plane should be arriving any minute now.” And they walked in. Everything inside the airport was so high-tech and colorful, it was bright. They had video game samples in Electronics stores and the smell of curry at restaurants. “This is… Great.” said D amazed at the sight. They went up and elevator, and went to a television posting the landing and departing times. “Alright, they should be here in about ten minutes.” Kitsunaymon said as he looked towards the landing entrance. They walked toward it, and took a seat near it as they waited for the plane to land.
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