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Default SU - Digimon Severance

[SU] Digiworld Adventure Severance


Peace has ruled the Digital World for many, many years now - it seems as though the legends of the Digital Wars and the Digidestined are nothing more than that: legends. Ever since the last coming of the fabled Digidestined, evil has kept its ugly head at bay. It seemed that the days of terror in the Digital World were finally over.

But, as fate would have it, a few explorers – the descendants of the few remaining caretakers of the Digital World (you may remember Gennai from the first season; these are descendants of his people) – discovered an encrypted prophecy hidden within the deepest mainframe of the Digital World’s code. It denoted that there would be many more comings of great wars in the Digital World, one of the greatest would be after an extended era of peacetime. This specific war would be brought on and stopped by the next Digidestined in line, and it would be a terrible one. The children to be chosen would be blessed with Digimon partners of their own, but at the same time burdened with a great evil that would threaten to consume them. Many children would enter the Digital World, but only a handful would be able to save it.

The first sign that the prophecy was coming to existence would be that the once stable rift between the human world and the Digital World would be fractured and spastic. Gates would open up at random intervals and Digimon would slowly start to appear in the human world.

The next sign would be a great amount of humans would start to appear in the Digital World. Blood would soon soak the Great Plains of the Digital World.

Soon, however, a few chosen human children would appear in the Great Plains with their own Digimon partners and the revered digivices. These children, although given one of the greatest strength any human could ever imagine, would also be cursed with a terrible darkness that would either divide or consume them.

It would be up to these children to decide the fate of the world. Would the outcome dictate a peaceful world or a dark one? Only time would tell…

Present Time

The barrier between the Digital World and the human world is finally coming true to prophecy.

Portals all over the world have been opening and closing at sporadic moments through time, untraceable and undeterminable, for they are proving to be completely random. No one has been able to stop them, or even mildly predict them. People have been being sucked into the Digital Plains, and Digimon have been thrown into the real world. While the pile of Digi-Eggs in the human world has been increasing, the pile of human corpses in the Digital World has also been growing.

Deciding that action must be taken, the leader of the Carers of the Digital World, Jun’ichi, sent out a message to the human world over the TV and radio waves, sending an urgent plea for help to all those who were listening or watching. Many people carrying cell phones also received the message, but dismissed it quickly as interference.

The plea was for a human organisation to be formed quickly to help consolidate the issues so that they could try and come up with a solution with the Digimon. However, as many humans are, the cry was almost unanimously ignored. Many people hadn’t even heard of the problems with the rift yet, since the barrier between the worlds was still holding somewhat strong. Also, the governments of the nations didn’t want to let the people know that this kind of thing was out of their power. Such an idea would be probable cause of a revolution that would change the face of the Earth.

However, there were a few intelligent people who understood that something had to be done before more catastrophe came to the world. A few computer whizzes formed a small alliance over the net and together, they traced the distress call that had come from the Digital World and with that trace, they were able to send another message back to this ‘New World’ and ask for instruction.

While many, many years had passed in both worlds, and all events of the Digidestined had been nearly forgotten, Jun’ichi hadn’t lost the records. He quickly dispatched history of the previous Digidestined, shocking the humans.

How could anyone knowingly put mere children into unimaginable danger like that? There was no time for questioning, though.

This short amount of communication was not going as quickly as it seemed – it took months to trace the original message, let alone the time it took to reply. In this short enough period of time, many more Digimon and humans had been crossing over, and the governments of the nations of the world were no longer able to turn a blind eye to it all.

The human world was on the brink of revolution – people in most of the nations of the world were refusing the natural order of things. The governments were becoming weaker and weaker to do things, and the political defence (police and such) were of no help, for they had already begun to worry for their own lives.

It was at this time that another message was sent from Jun’ichi. A special machine known as a ‘digivice’ was being transferred from the Digital World to the human world, and there was no need to worry about whom to give them to, for they had likely already found their new masters.

The digivice was an item to create a veritable connection with the data of Digimon and the life force of humans. It was a link between the races, and one that would also help contain their powers and direct them in the way that they were intended to go.
The children who were selected would find these digivices had the choice to take on the role of the new Digidestined, but the reason that they were selected was because their hearts already desired adventure, and they would not likely turn down the opportunity. With this Digivice, they would be led to their new partners, and whether the Digimon knew it or not, they would become the new Chosen Digimon.

Soon enough these Digidestined would prove themselves in the battle for justice, and they would eventually find their ways into the Digital World and together to fight the evil that would soon find them.

* * * * *

This is where the story takes off. Your character will start off in the human world and will find his or her digivice. You will start off in your actual, current home (your out-of-character one to help add some realism to the story), and the digivice will lead you to your partnered Digimon (which will also take place at your home or somewhere nearby that you also recognise). You may choose to have random Digimon appearances whilst this happens, and you can take as long as you like to arrive in the Digital World (this must take place in a random Digital Gate so that your character has experience with at least one battle with another Digimon before entering the Digital World).

Upon entering the Digital World, your character must be split in two – a good half and an evil half. You will have to play your evil half as well as your good half, and you may do almost anything with them as long as you keep the point clear that one half is evil and that the other is not. So that pretty much rules out only good halves and bad halves joining with their opposite counterparts. Evil and evil halves, however, are more than allowed to team up, and vice-versa.

* * * * *

Sign-Up Form

Name: (First, Middle, Last and Nickname if desired)
Age: (Under 15, being realistic)
Appearance: (An image may be used, but be creative if so)
Personality: (Detailed)
History: (Detailed)
Digivice Color:(one color + white for good, then + dark for opposite)

Digimon Partner Appearance:
Baby Form:
Appearance: (detailed, or image)

In-Training Form:
Appearance: (detailed, or image)

Rookie Form:
Appearance: (detailed, or image)

Champion Form:
Appearance: (detailed, or image)

Ultimate Form:
Appearance: (detailed, or image)

Mega Form:
Appearance: (detailed, or image – there will be no biomerging)

Digimon Partner Personality: (Detailed)

[CENTER]Okay, so apparently we've missed some important rules that need to be clarified before starting the RP. I've also posted once more in the sign up to hopefully direct you here. Or maybe you noticed that there was a change. Good for you! :D

The rules are pretty simple and are as follow:

1. No Spamming (although some of you may have noticed I've done this myself... but I'm a n00b still, so bear with me please. Be harsh, but not rude :P)
2. No Bunnying (pretty simple...)
3. No God Modding
4. Make a decent post in length, and don't just do filler with re typing what another person already wrote. Sure, you can use it, but you should be able to write more than that on your own.
5. Be creative while using good language. Grammar is pretty important, and is usually a big judgement factor for myself, and moreso Exophi :P
6. Try to keep it clean... I know we're all passionate enough about Digimon to get pretty intense about it, but keep the swearing to a low. It detracts from your language skills.
7. Other than that, yeah, pretty much just have fun. And once again, be creative and have fun! :D (DIGIMON ROCKS!!!)

Questions? PM DreamWalker or Exophi

Credit to Exophi for making such a splendid banner!

Oboedio Voculas

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