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Default Re: SU - Digimon Severance

Originally Posted by Exophi View Post
Ryan Charcka Wiskerchen A.K.A. kentucky_fried_torchic....

You have a few minor spelling errors in the form, as well as some confusing sentences but on the whole I find it acceptable.

As far as the lack of a dark side goes though, you'll have to check on that with DreamWalker. The title of this role-play is Digimon Severance and the fact that your character will divide into an evil and a good version is very important to the plot. In my opinion you should be allowed to stick with RPing only one version, but as I've said before

And you're not actually allowed to use <word> as filler to complete the four word rule... Fix up the tiny errors in spelling, try to make the run-ons a little clearer, and maybe try adding a bit of length. I'd like to accept you into Severance as soon as possible, but I'll wait for the head honcho of the RP to pass word on whether or not having only one half is acceptable.

(It helps to run your post through a program like Microsoft Word before posting in order to weed out small errors in spelling and grammar.)
I ran it through the word and I'll send a PM to dreamwalker about my lack of a darkside. I mean, Common, what 8 year old has a darkside?
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