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Default Re: SU - Digimon Severance

Originally Posted by kentucky_fried_torchic View Post
I ran it through the word and I'll send a PM to dreamwalker about my lack of a darkside. I mean, Common, what 8 year old has a darkside?
Originally Posted by kentucky_fried_torchic
Ryan was always a crybaby. He is very close to his mom and his adoptive grandmother and will do anything to protect them. He is easily frightened, but, when he's not terrified or lonely, Ryan is very outgoing and will do anything to make someone happy. His youth makes him naive and easy to push around. He hates fighting and would rather have everyone be at peace with each other.
If it helps, I like to think of the dark side of my character as being a collection of all my bad traits. I don't plan on my evil half being any more evil than I can possibly be at my worst moment in reality. As you can see, I coloured the bad parts of Ryan red just to try and give you some ideas.

From the opinions I got from DreamWalker now, you're Accepted though.

The posts you're doing right now seem good for length, but it wouldn't hurt to add a little more to them if you can think of something. Unfortunately, DreamWalker hasn't put up any form of rules yet, even though everyone should know to follow the basics of PE2K.

Originally Posted by Neo_Shadow_Guardian View Post
I edited my entry post. I hope that's enough.
Approved! Sorry I don't have as much to say about your character, she seems pretty stable and would already divide well.

Because I've being spying on most of the RPs around here (insert gasps) I know that you're posts recently haven't been very long. By making your post more than a couple sentances longer it'll really make it look like your serious about the RP. After all, writing an additional 2-3 sentances to what one already has shouldn't be too difficult.

DreamWalker and I are trying to decide when a good date to start this RP would be. We also want at least five people before we begin.
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