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Reserve me a spot. Wait, don't. I'll get my signup ready NOW!!
Name: Ken'ichi 'Kai' Ryuten, Jr.
Age: 14
Appearance: Black wavy hair, grey eyes, light skin complexion. Attire: Black vest, black unbuttoned shirt, black jeans.
Personality: Kai is very to-the-point and is very impatient. He tries to stay away from the fact he is the only one to not totally be good. He thinks a situation over, but is ready to fight always. He's eager to test a skill out, whether it's skateboarding or a new Digivolution.
He's very ruthless against evil, and has a feeling of protectiveness towards all good Digimon.
Negative: Unlike his positive counterpart, YamiKai is patient, and once anything has served it's purpose, he destroys it. When his Digisoul ignites, he uses it to use his 'Hades Punch'. He thinks of Digimon as slaves and doesn't bother about Digimon at Adult level or less, but he is defeated by Devimon.
History: Kai was born to Ken'ichi and Mariko Ryuten in Tokyo, Japan. But in a plane crash, he, well - he got transferred to the Yoshi Orphanage. At the age of 10, he ran away, and had his first Digimon encounter when he fist-fought it out against a bully Black Pyocomon who evolved into a viral Agumon [Savers]. Agumon almost collapsed Kai, but he gained sudden strength as his D-Loader (that's what I think the digivice should be called) appeared in his hand.
That's when Babydmon arrived, giving him the strength to defeat Agumon, who acknowledged his defeat, but not Kai's strength, and ran off. Meanwhile, Babydmon informed Kai of everything.
Two weeks later, Kai met Babydmon once more. This time, Agumon had de-Digivolved and dark-Digivolved into Piyomon [Virus]. Babydmon evolved to Dracomon and managed to once again defeat Piyomon. But Piyomon summoned his friend, Minotarumon (Wikimon AND Wikipedia say there's an Adult level Minotarumon) who managed to give Dracomon a big bashing until Kai's D-Loader gave Dracomon strength equal to Minotarumon, deleting Minotarumon.
The next time, the D-Loader showed a hologram of Minotarumon attacking the Village of Beginnings. Kai discover the Gate Function which opens a DigiGate straight to the Village. There, he is split into two and Kai Yang mercilessly attacked Minotarumon, who defeated Dreadramon.
Digivice colors: Blue+White, Dark Blue+Black
Digimon Partner Appearance:
Acid Bubbles: He blows out powerful bubbles strong enough to knock over a Child level Digimon. Power Level: 5.
Hot Gas: He lets loose a blast of gas which surrounds him refreshing his energy and then uses the gas to blast a stream of weak fire. Power level: 2.
Baby Breath: He breathes a cloud of fire that freezes his enemy in place. Power Level: 7.
Jishurunen: He launches a barrage of fireballs, attempting to destroy his enemy. Power Level: 10.
Tail Smash: He attacks enemy, thrashing his tail wildly. Power Level: 5. Offensive.
Coredramon (Va.)
Blue Flare Breath: He summons the ancient power of Dragon Digimon and lets loose a mighty blast of turqoise fire. Power Level: 17.
Strike Bomber: He flaps his wings powerfully, launching a blast of air with invisible bullets. Power Level: 15.
Jishurunen II: He uses a superpowered version of the Jishurunen. Power Level: 17.
Blaze Sonic Breath: He lets out a supersonic flame. Power Level: 24.
XFloat Sonic Lance: Flying high up, his hand erupts in fire and he blasts an illusion of firey claw, and then it becomes solid. Power Level: 24.
Wing Blast: He spreads his wings out and launches a fireball at his enemy. Power Level: 24.
A blue version of Breakdramon.
Destroyed Rush: He smashes his head into the enemy. Power Level: 45.
Infinity Boring: He uses the drill on his back to bore through the enemy. Powet Level: 47.
Gravity Breath:He shoots a ripple through the air, gluing his enemy to the ground, and then slashes the enemy. Power Level: 47.
Little Wing - Spins and causes a minitornado. Power Level: 7.
Foul Stinky Fart: He lets out a black version of Babydmon's Hot Gas. Power Level: 9.
Forbidden Flames: He releases a blast of fire. Power Level: 12.
Molten Bane: He opens a firey vortex in the sky and tosses his enemy in. Power Level: 20.
Metal Hadedramon
Molten Bane II: His claw shoots out and hits the enemy, who falls into a firey vortex. Power Level: 38.
Black Wargreymon-X
Evil Giga Force: He summons a black version of the Gaia Force and hurls it into the ground, creating a fire dragon which attacks the enemy. Power Level: 51.
Hades Force: Crossing his claws, he launches a firey 'X' towards his enemy. Power Level: 50.
Positive Partner's personality: Dracomon is a rough-n'-tough Digimon, who tries to keep up with Kai, but has a way of persuasion that always works. He's quite untalkative, and calls his partner 'Kai-san'.
Negative Partner's Personality: Dreadramon is the exact same as his counterpart, but much more violent. He calls the evil Kai (Kai Yang) 'Yang'.
Melting with power..

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