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Default [RP]Elemental Freaks

Created in a tube, a tube with flowing liquids, people in white coats watching your every move. You were an infant, frail, gentle and normal. Until they messed with your DNA, they fused your body with they wanted to use on you. You couldn't even shake your head yes or no to decide.

They put you in a family, a wonderful family. You thought you were born there, though you were very mistaken. One day has you come home from school; blood is splattered on the ground. A note cover with the gore is on the counter.

"Come to the 130 Ely Street lane

~your future"

The note read, will you go there, what has happen to your family. Ready for the future, or are you sticking to the present like glue?

You start in school; you're in the same class as the other elemental freaks. Though none of you know that yet, as you travel home. You see that horrid note, deciding to go that street and face your nightmare, or you sparkling Future.

You play a teenager, a freak of nature, a creation with a purpose.

Okay everybody will start in math class. In the same class, the teacher Mrs.Glore Pre-al class got it!

I will control the teacher nobody else okay? And sign ups are still open!
Discussion Thread!
Sign Up Thread!

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