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Default Re: Ataro vs Djax vs Pokelord vs Pikablu Pie (Normal Cool Contest)

Oh yeah, sorry, forgot about stars.
Nothing changed in the order, through

1st, Swellow, 220 PTS
2nd, Floatzel, 110 PTS
3rd Tyranitar, 200 PTs
4thScizor, 180 PTS

Swellow use Aerial Ace! +6
Crowd cheer, +1 [CL=4]

Floatzel use Swift! +2
Crowd goe wild +5 [CL=0]

Tyranitar use Hyper Beam! +4
Floatzel and swellow are jammed!
Star! +2
Crowd cheer, +1 [CL=1]

Scizor use Metal Claw! +4!
Star! +2
Crowd cheer, +1 [CL=2]

Last stats:
Swellow 250 PTS
Floatzel 140 PTS
Tyranitar 270 PTS
Scizor 250 PTS

LEt's add pokeblock now

Scizor - 114
Floatzel - 69

Ataro and Scizor win, get 2000$ and ribbon
djax and Tyranitar get second and 1500$
Pokelord and Swellow are third get 1500$
Pikablu get last with Floatzel, 1000$
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