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Default Re: [RP]Elemental Freaks

OOC: I swear KittenGirl has something against me. o.O I'm going to throw in some drama if you dont mind Empoleon.

Nervously, a young attractive girl entered the room. She looked to her right and spotted her desk. However, her eyes soon gazed upon Luna. That girl always seemed conceited, atleast to Yue. It never felt comfortable for Yue to sit next to her, but it was how Mrs. Glore had them sit. There was always a strange, disturbing feeling Yue had for Luna, yet it confused her. She could never identify what it was or what causes it, but it was very painful, and still is for Yue. She slowly walks towards her desk to the left desk next to Luna's. Yue dropped her class supplies on her desk and slipped into her seat. She readjusted her orange mini-skirt and glanced towards the door where a boy named Brisk was being yelled at. That boy always scared Yue, and there seemed to be more than meets the eye with him, and with Luna.

Yue was always good at math, and while it wasn't her favorite class, it wasn't her least favorite either.
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