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Default Re: SU - Digimon Severance

Edited my profile.

Can I also play Agumon and Minotarumon, not with a tamer, but...just like that? And the evo line from Baby II to Mega for them:
Agumon Black S
Baby Flame: He breathes a small stream of fire.
Smog Pierce: He slashes at his enemy with his burning claws.
Growmon Black
Exhaust Flame: He lets out a wild roar, blasting the enemy with heatwaves.
Dragon Slash: He uppercuts the enemy with his arm blades.
-Alternate evolution: Sa Birdramon
Night Roar: She screams shockwaves at the enemy.
Black Saber: She slashes the enemy with burning claws.
Death Cloud: He flies up and a cloud appears above him, giving him more power.
Black Sabbath: He claps his hands together and chants a spell forcing the enemy to devolve. Can only be resisted by angelic Digimon or partners.
-Alternate evolution: Velgmon
Zone Deletion: He creates a blast which leaves the battlefiend in ruins.
Master of Darkness: He creates a vortex which allows evil spirits to destroy his enemy.
Deathscreams: He screeches a supersonic shockwave.
Black Requiem: His torso's mouth blasts out dark energy.
Terriermon -> Minotarumon
Darkside Quake: He stomps on the enemy.
Demon Arm: He blasts the enemy with his cannon, the 'Hell Lazer'.
Alternate digivolution: Ogremon
Feint Punch: He feints and smashes the enemy's head with his club.
Strong Maul: He headbutts his foe with his sharp horns.
Minotarumon + data of Adult Digimon
Darkside Quake II: He uses his Demon Arm technique on the ground, creating an earthquake.
Demon Arm II: While blasting the enemy, he punches his foe with the other arm.
Black Rapidmon
Shadow Triangle: He fires a blast of grey plasma.
Rapid Busting: He lets out homing missiles from his arms.
Skull Senpu: He blasts a whirlwind of fire from his cannon hands, the 'Goku Snatchers'.
Skull Ranbu: With his Goku Snatchers, he rapidly circles the enemy while randomly punching.
Jaengengoku: Also called 'Jigoku Claw'. He blasts the enemy with serpent flames from his skull knee armor.
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